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  2. Criticism of Walmart - Wikipedia

    The Wall Street Journal says this puts extra pressure on higher-paid workers to be more productive. Walmart insists its wages are generally in line with the current local market in retail labor. Walmart founder Sam Walton once said, "I pay low wages. I can take advantage of that.

  3. Amazon Go - Wikipedia

    Amazon Go is a chain of convenience stores in the United States and the United Kingdom, operated by the online retailer Amazon.The stores are cashierless, thus partially automated, with customers able to purchase products without being checked out by a cashier or using a self-checkout station.

  4. Supermarket - Wikipedia

    A supermarket is a self-service shop offering a wide variety of food, beverages and household products, organized into sections.This kind of store is larger and has a wider selection than earlier grocery stores, but is smaller and more limited in the range of merchandise than a hypermarket or big-box market.

  5. Market Basket (New England) - Wikipedia

    Beginning on July 18, 2014, additional protests with as many as 5,000 employees and customers were held at the company's Tewksbury headquarters and other locations demanding the reinstatement of Arthur T. Many supermarket, warehouse and corporate office workers including delivery truck drivers went on strike, leaving many shelves bare empty at ...

  6. Jewel-Osco - Wikipedia

    Jewel-Osco is a regional supermarket chain in the Chicago metropolitan area, headquartered in Itasca, a western suburb. In 2007, the company had 188 stores across northern, central, and western Illinois; eastern Iowa; and portions of northwest Indiana.

  7. Trader Joe's - Wikipedia's

    Trader Joe's is an American chain of grocery stores headquartered in Monrovia, California.The chain has over 530 stores across the United States.. The first Trader Joe's store was opened in 1967 by founder Joe Coulombe in Pasadena, California.

  8. Big Brother 9 (American season) - Wikipedia

    The boat bedroom features shelves and chests designed to resemble small rowboats with rowboat shaped beds. Two large beds made of actual unfinished tree branches with pink bedspreads fill another room. The living room features a giant green semi-circular sofa, and a stone wall fireplace.

  9. Lidl - Wikipedia

    Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG (German pronunciation: ; UK: / ˈ l ɪ d əl / LID-əl) is a German international discount retailer chain that operates over 11,000 stores across Europe and the United States.