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  2. Water gas - Wikipedia

    Lowe's gas process. In 1873, Thaddeus S. C. Lowe developed and patented the water gas process by which large amounts of hydrogen gas could be generated for residential and commercial use in heating and lighting. This gas provided a more efficient heating fuel than the common coal gas, or coke gas, which was used in municipal service. The ...

  3. Needham–Schroeder protocol - Wikipedia–Schroeder_protocol

    The symmetric protocol. Here, Alice initiates the communication to Bob . is a server trusted by both parties. In the communication: . and are identities of Alice and Bob respectively; is a symmetric key known only to and ; is a symmetric key known only to and ; and are nonces generated by and respectively; is a symmetric, generated key, which will be the session key of the session between and ...

  4. Prairie - Wikipedia

    According to Theodore Roosevelt:. We have taken into our language the word prairie, because when our backwoodsmen first reached the land [in the Midwest] and saw the great natural meadows of long grass—sights unknown to the gloomy forests wherein they had always dwelt—they knew not what to call them, and borrowed the term already in use among the French inhabitants.

  5. HANS device - Wikipedia

    A HANS device (head and neck support device) is a type of head restraint, a safety device in motorsports.Head restraints are mandatory when competing with most major motorsports sanctioning bodies.