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  2. Rob Lowe - Wikipedia

    Jessica Gibson, Lowe's 24-year-old former nanny, made 12 allegations against Lowe involving sexual harassment claims and labor-code violations. On June 19, 2008, Santa Barbara, California , Superior Court Judge Denise de Bellefeuille dismissed two allegations regarding labor-code violations due to lack of legal basis. [80]

  3. The Lyon's Den - Wikipedia's_Den

    The Lyon's Den is an American legal drama television series set in Washington, D.C. The legal drama starred Rob Lowe as a lawyer named Jack Turner, newly appointed as partner of a long-established law firm that, as the plot revealed, harbored some dark secrets; the series' title and firm's name are allusions to the surname of Lowe, who also served as executive producer.

  4. Prairie - Wikipedia

    According to Theodore Roosevelt:. We have taken into our language the word prairie, because when our backwoodsmen first reached the land [in the Midwest] and saw the great natural meadows of long grass—sights unknown to the gloomy forests wherein they had always dwelt—they knew not what to call them, and borrowed the term already in use among the French inhabitants.

  5. Meriones (rodent) - Wikipedia

    Meriones is a rodent genus that includes the gerbil most commonly kept as a pet, Meriones unguiculatus.The genus contains most animals referred to as jirds, but members of the genera Sekeetamys, Brachiones, and sometimes Pachyuromys are also known as jirds.

  6. Wakefern Food Corporation - Wikipedia

    Wakefern Food Corporation was founded in 1946 and is based in Keasbey, New Jersey, U.S. It is the largest retailers' cooperative group of supermarkets and the fourth-largest cooperative of any kind in the United States.

  7. HANS device - Wikipedia

    A HANS device (head and neck support device) is a type of head restraint, a safety device in motorsports.Head restraints are mandatory when competing with most major motorsports sanctioning bodies.