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  2. London - Wikipedia

    London was the focus of the Peasants' Revolt in 1381. London was also a centre of England's Jewish population before their expulsion by Edward I in 1290. Violence against Jews occurred in 1190, when it was rumoured that the new king had ordered their massacre after they had presented themselves at his coronation.

  3. List of areas of London - Wikipedia

    The northernmost settlement is Crews Hill, Enfield – westernmost is Harefield, Hillingdon – southernmost is Old Coulsdon, Croydon – easternmost as well as most outlying overall is North Ockendon, Havering. Map all coordinates in "Category:Areas of London" using: OpenStreetMap. Map of Greater London showing railway lines, primary roads ...

  4. Economy of London - Wikipedia

    London is a major retail centre, [81] [82] and in 2010 had the highest non-food retail sales of any city in the world, with a total spend of around £64.2 billion. [83] The UK's fashion industry, centred on London, contributes tens of billions to the economy. [84] Manufacturing and construction [ edit]

  5. Greater London Authority - Wikipedia

    The primary purpose of the London Assembly is to hold the Mayor of London to account by scrutiny of his or her actions and decisions. The assembly must also accept or amend the mayor's budget on an annual basis. The GLA is based at City Hall, a new building on the south bank of the River Thames, next to Tower Bridge .

  6. London Plan - Wikipedia

    The London Plan is the statutory spatial development strategy for the Greater London area in the United Kingdom that is written by the Mayor of London and published by the Greater London Authority. [1] The regional planning document was first published in final form on 10 February 2004. In addition to minor alterations, it was substantially ...

  7. London Company - Wikipedia

    The London Company, officially known as the Virginia Company of London, was a division of the Virginia Company with responsibility for colonizing the east coast of North America between latitudes 34° and 41° N. Contents 1 History 1.1 Origins 1.2 Founding 1.3 First expedition 1.4 Instructions 1.5 The Charter of 1606 1.6 Charter of 1609

  8. London International Model United Nations - Wikipedia

    The London International Model United Nations (LIMUN) is an annual three-day Model United Nations conference in London, United Kingdom.Taking place every February since 2000, LIMUN has established itself as Europe's largest such conference at university-level, bringing together over 1500 students – with some high school students and recent graduates – to deliberate on issues of global concern.