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  2. SQRL - Wikipedia

    SQRL (pronounced "squirrel") or Secure, Quick, Reliable Login (formerly Secure QR Login) is a draft open standard for secure website login and authentication. The software typically uses a link of the scheme sqrl:// or optionally a QR code , where a user identifies via a pseudonymous zero-knowledge proof rather than providing a user ID and ...

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  4. Securian Financial Group - Wikipedia

    Formerly: Minnesota Mutual Life Insurance Company, Minnesota Life Insurance Company: Type: Private: Industry: Financial services: Founded: August 6, 1880; 142 years ...

  5. MiKTeX - Wikipedia

    MiKTeX is a free and open-source distribution of the TeX/LaTeX typesetting system for Microsoft Windows (and for Mac and certain Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora).

  6. VLAN Management Policy Server - Wikipedia

    A VLAN Management Policy Server (VMPS) is a network switch that contains a mapping of device information to VLAN.. The primary goal of VMPS is VLAN assignment for general network management purposes, but can also be used for providing security through segregating clients with an unknown MAC address, or through further extension of the protocol to provide login for Cisco ACLs.

  7. Fibre Channel network protocols - Wikipedia

    Transmission words and ordered sets. All Fibre Channel communication is done in units of four 10-bit codes. This group of 4 codes is called a transmission word.. An ordered set is a transmission word that includes some combination of control (K) codes and data (D) codes.

  8. Leona Graham - Wikipedia

    Leona Graham (born 18 January 1971) is a British radio broadcaster and voiceover artist. She is currently a presenter of Absolute Radio (formerly Virgin Radio), a position she has held since 2000.

  9. Unix shell - Wikipedia

    Concept. The most generic sense of the term shell means any program that users employ to type commands. A shell hides the details of the underlying operating system and manages the technical details of the operating system's application programming interface, which is the level of the operating system that programs running on that operating system use.