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  2. Schrödinger's cat - Wikipediaödinger's_cat

    Thought experiment. Schrödinger wrote: One can even set up quite ridiculous cases. A cat is penned up in a steel chamber, along with the following device (which must be secured against direct interference by the cat): in a Geiger counter, there is a tiny bit of radioactive substance, so small, that perhaps in the course of the hour one of the atoms decays, but also, with equal probability ...

  3. Record locator - Wikipedia

    In airline reservation systems, a record locator is an alphanumeric or alpha code used to identify and access a specific record on an airline’s reservation system. An airline’s reservation system automatically generates a unique record locator whenever a customer makes a reservation or booking, commonly known in the industry as an itinerary.

  4. Anna Loginova - Wikipedia

    Anna Loginova (Russian: Анна Логинова; 3 September 1978 – 27 January 2008) was a Russian fashion model and later a trained bodyguard.She ran an agency, staffed with female bodyguards, some trained by the ex-KGB, to give discreet protection to Moscow's billionaires and their wives and mistresses.

  5. Securian Financial Group - Wikipedia

    This page was last edited on 10 January 2021, at 15:22 (UTC).; Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0; additional terms may apply.

  6. VLAN Management Policy Server - Wikipedia

    A VLAN Management Policy Server (VMPS) is a network switch that contains a mapping of device information to VLAN.. The primary goal of VMPS is VLAN assignment for general network management purposes, but can also be used for providing security through segregating clients with an unknown MAC address, or through further extension of the protocol to provide login for Cisco ACLs.

  7. Unix shell - Wikipedia

    Concept. The most generic sense of the term shell means any program that users employ to type commands. A shell hides the details of the underlying operating system and manages the technical details of the operating system's application programming interface, which is the level of the operating system that programs running on that operating system use.

  8. Wikipedia:Tools - Wikipedia

    This page in a nutshell: ... (e.g., DoS attack), SUL login is required. Google tools Note: Google search results can be several days or even weeks out of date ...

  9. Roland La Starza - Wikipedia

    Life and career. Originally from the Van Nest section of the Bronx, La Starza fought 66 professional bouts from July 7, 1947 to May 8, 1961.He won 57 of the fights, 27 by knockout.