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  2. Wikipedia:TemplateStyles - Wikipedia

    TemplateStyles allow custom CSS pages to be used to style content without an interface administrator having to edit sitewide CSS. TemplateStyles make it more convenient for editors to style templates; for example, those templates for which the sitewide CSS for the mobile skin or another skin (e.g. Timeless) currently negatively affects the display of the template.

  3. Wikipedia:How to create a page - Wikipedia

    Method 1: searching. Enter text in the search field that you seek to create as a page title. If the title you entered does not already exist, is not technically restricted and is not creation protected, the resulting page will i) tell you that it does not exist; ii) advise that you can create the page, and iii) will provide a red link to the ...

  4. CSS - Wikipedia

    e. Cascading Style Sheets ( CSS) is a style sheet language used for specifying the presentation and styling of a document written in a markup language such as HTML or XML (including XML dialects such as SVG, MathML or XHTML ). [1] CSS is a cornerstone technology of the World Wide Web, alongside HTML and JavaScript.

  5. Web template system - Wikipedia

    HTML editors often use web template systems to produce only static web pages. These can be viewed as a ready-made web design, used to mass-produce "cookie-cutter" websites for rapid deployment. They also commonly include themes in place of CSS styles. In general, the template language is used only with the editor's software.

  6. Wikipedia:Catalogue of CSS classes/Templates - Wikipedia

    Template classes that already appear in site-wide CSS interface pages like MediaWiki:Common.css. These should be listed at WP:Catalogue of CSS classes instead. Make exceptions for (do add): Template classes named after an original template but also used by other templates. Template classes named after an original template but also intended to ...

  7. Template:User unified login - Wikipedia

    The first default parameter uses {{PAGENAME}} to find your username. If your unified login name is not the same, replace "username here" appropriately. The "background" parameter, if not included, defaults to #E0E8EF ( dark grey, see Web colors#Hex triplet) The "border" parameter, if not included, also defaults to #E0E8EF.

  8. Wikipedia:Catalogue of CSS classes - Wikipedia

    Classes are defined in the HTML document (generated by the server or by JavaScript). They are used as selectors in CSS. Learn to use the browser inspectors of Firefox, lE, Chrome or Safari to inspect the webpages. By default much of the CSS and JavaScript resources are processed for efficiency.

  9. Theming the login page - AOL

    You'd think they'd be easy to change around, and if Blizzard just gave us a drop-down switcher in the options, we could choose whichever one we wanted.Let's not forget, however, that their code is ...