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  2. United States Fleet Forces Command - Wikipedia

    The United States Fleet Forces Command ( USFF) is a service component command of the United States Navy that provides naval forces to a wide variety of U.S. forces. The naval resources may be allocated to Combatant Commanders such as United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) under the authority of the Secretary of Defense.

  3. Blackboards - Wikipedia

    Blackboards ( Persian: تخته سیاه, Takhté siah) is a 2000 Iranian film directed by Samira Makhmalbaf. It focuses on a group of Kurdish refugees after the chemical bombing of Halabja by Saddam Hussein 's Iraq during the Iran–Iraq War. The screenplay was co-written by Makhmalbaf with her father, Mohsen Makhmalbaf. The dialogue is ...

  4. Selichot - Wikipedia

    Akeidah (עקידה) – Hebrew for "binding", a word which specifically refers to the Binding of Isaac. This Selichah contains the theme of the Akeidah as a merit for God answering our prayers. It begins to appear on Rosh Hashanah eve and is placed immediately before or after the Pizmon. Chatanu (חטאנו) – Hebrew for "we have sinned."

  5. USS New Jersey (BB-16) - Wikipedia

    USS New Jersey (BB-16) was the fourth of five Virginia-class battleships of the United States Navy, and the first ship to carry her name. She was laid down at the Fore River Shipbuilding Company in Quincy, Massachusetts , in May 1902, launched in November 1904, and commissioned into the fleet in May 1906.

  6. USS Kentucky (BB-66) - Wikipedia

    USS Kentucky (BB-66) was an uncompleted battleship intended to be the last ship of the Iowa class.However, the urgent need for more warships at the outbreak of World War II and the U.S. Navy's experiences in the Pacific theater led it to conclude that rather than battleships larger and more heavily armed than the Iowa class, it quickly needed more fast battleships of that class to escort the ...

  7. Bandwidth Broker - Wikipedia

    Bandwidth Broker. RFC 2638 from the IETF defines the entity of the Bandwidth Broker (BB) in the framework of differentiated services (DiffServ). According to RFC 2638, a Bandwidth Broker is an agent that has some knowledge of an organization's priorities and policies and allocates quality of service (QoS) resources with respect to those policies.

  8. USS Mississippi (BB-41) - Wikipedia

    USS Mississippi (BB-41/AG-128), the second of three members of the New Mexico class of battleship, was the third ship of the United States Navy named in honor of the 20th state. The ship was built at the Newport News Shipbuilding Company of Newport News, Virginia , from her keel laying in April 1915, her launching in January 1917, and her ...

  9. USS Kansas (BB-21) - Wikipedia

    USS Kansas (BB-21) was a US Connecticut-class pre-dreadnought battleship, the fourth of six ships in the class. She was the second ship of the United States Navy named in honor of Kansas . The ship was launched in August 1905 and commissioned into the fleet in April 1907.

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