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  2. Time Is on Your Side With Kronos - AOL

    Price (yet again) is our final reason Kronos and its investors have time on their side. I'm referring in this case to the price of the stock. Kronos shares trade at a trailing P/E of 5.5 and a ...

  3. Kronos Reports Exceptional First-Quarter Results ... - AOL

    Kronos InTouch ™ applications - Kronos partners, customers, and third-party developers can easily create and share workforce applications for the award-winning Kronos InTouch time clock.

  4. One Reason Kronos Worldwide May Be Headed for a Slowdown - AOL

    How is Kronos Worldwide doing by this quick checkup? At first glance, pretty well. Trailing-12-month revenue increased 30.2%, and inventory increased 28.9%. Over the sequential quarterly period ...

  5. HR Platform Kronos, Victim of Ransomware Attack, Says It Will ...

    Ultimate Kronos Company, a human resources management company used by several big name brands, corporations and municipalities, was the victim of a ransomware attack on Dec.11.

  6. Kronos Incorporated - Wikipedia

    In 1979, Kronos delivered the world's first microprocessor -based time clock and, in 1985, delivered its first PC-based time and attendance product. In 1992, Kronos became a publicly-traded company on NASDAQ . Aron Ain, succeeded his brother Mark Ain as chief executive officer in 2005.

  7. Kronos - Wikipedia

    Kronos (Highlander), a fictional character In the Doctor Who serial, The Time Monster, a creature from outside time that feeds on time itself In the Star Trek universe, another spelling of Qo'noS, the Klingon home world In Singularity, an artificial intelligence designed to rid the earth of the plague of humanity in order to save the planet.

  8. Kronos (computer) - Wikipedia

    kronos is a series of 32-bit processor equipped printed circuit board systems, and the workstations based thereon, of a proprietary hardware architecture developed in the mid-1980s in akademgorodok, a research city in siberia, by the academy of sciences of the soviet union, siberian branch, novosibirsk computing center, modular asynchronous …