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  2. The Last Olympian - Wikipedia

    Kronos – The former king of the Titans, bent on restoring his rule and taking revenge on the gods who deposed him. After Luke sacrifices himself to defeat Kronos, Hermes states that although Titans cannot die, any more than the gods can, Kronos' essence is hopefully spread so thin that he can never form a consciousness again let alone a body.

  3. Five crowns - Wikipedia

    The Five Crowns, also known as the Five Heavenly Crowns, is a concept in Christian theology that pertains to various biblical references to the righteous's eventual reception of a crown after the Last Judgment.

  4. Korg - Wikipedia

    Korg Inc. (株式会社コルグ, Kabushiki-gaisha Korugu), founded as Keio Electronic Laboratories, is a Japanese multinational corporation that manufactures electronic musical instruments, audio processors and guitar pedals, recording equipment, and electronic tuners.

  5. List of Percy Jackson & the Olympians cast members - Wikipedia

    Cast Key. A Y indicates the actor portrayed the role of a younger version of the character.; A dark gray cell indicates the character was not in the film.