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  2. Transaction log - Wikipedia

    In the field of databases in computer science, a transaction log (also transaction journal, database log, binary log or audit trail) is a history of actions executed by a database management system used to guarantee ACID properties over crashes or hardware failures.

  3. Chip log - Wikipedia

    A chip log, also called common log, ship log, or just log, is a navigation tool mariners use to estimate the speed of a vessel through water. The word knot, to mean nautical mile per hour, derives from this measurement method.

  4. Log–log plot - Wikipedia–log_plot

    In science and engineering, a loglog graph or log–log plot is a two-dimensional graph of numerical data that uses logarithmic scales on both the horizontal and vertical axes. Monomials – relationships of the form y = a x k {\displaystyle y=ax^{k}} – appear as straight lines in a loglog graph, with the power term corresponding to the ...

  5. Logarithmic scale - Wikipedia

    A logarithmic scale (or log scale) is a way of displaying numerical data over a very wide range of values in a compact way—typically the largest numbers in the data are hundreds or even thousands of times larger than the smallest numbers.

  6. Log reduction - Wikipedia

    Log reduction is a measure of how thoroughly a decontamination process reduces the concentration of a contaminant.It is defined as the common logarithm of the ratio of the levels of contamination before and after the process, so an increment of 1 corresponds to a reduction in concentration by a factor of 10.

  7. List of logarithmic identities - Wikipedia

    The multiple valued version of log(z) is a set, but it is easier to write it without braces and using it in formulas follows obvious rules. log(z) is the set of complex numbers v which satisfy e v = z arg(z) is the set of possible values of the arg function applied to z. When k is any integer:

  8. Issue log - Wikipedia

    An issue log is a documentation element of software project management that contains a list of ongoing and closed issues of the project. While issue logs can be viewed as a way to track errors in the project, the role it plays often extends further.

  9. Logit - Wikipedia

    Definition. If p is a probability, then p/(1 − p) is the corresponding odds; the logit of the probability is the logarithm of the odds, i.e. ⁡ = ⁡ = ⁡ ⁡ = ⁡ (). The base of the logarithm function used is of little importance in the present article, as long as it is greater than 1, but the natural logarithm with base e is the one most often used.