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  2. Log - Wikipedia

    Log file, a computer file in which events are recorded; Laplacian of Gaussian or LoG, an algorithm used in digital image processing; Other uses. Logbook, or log, a record of important events in the operation of a ship; Chip log, or log, a tool used to estimate vessel speed; See also. All pages with titles beginning with Log

  3. Semi-log plot - Wikipedia

    A log–linear (sometimes log–lin) plot has the logarithmic scale on the y-axis, and a linear scale on the x-axis; a linear-log (sometimes lin–log) is the opposite. The naming is output-input (y-x), the opposite order from (x, y).

  4. Log–log plot - Wikipedia–log_plot

    In science and engineering, a loglog graph or log–log plot is a two-dimensional graph of numerical data that uses logarithmic scales on both the horizontal and vertical axes. Monomials – relationships of the form y = a x k {\displaystyle y=ax^{k}} – appear as straight lines in a loglog graph, with the power term corresponding to the ...

  5. Logarithmic scale - Wikipedia

    A logarithmic scale (or log scale) is a way of displaying numerical data over a very wide range of values in a compact way—typically the largest numbers in the data are hundreds or even thousands of times larger than the smallest numbers.

  6. Login - Wikipedia

    Computer systems keep a log of users' access to the system. The term "log" comes from the chip log historically used to record distance travelled at sea and was recorded in a ship's log or log book. To sign in connotes the same idea, but it's based on the analogy of manually signing a log book or visitors book.

  7. Log reduction - Wikipedia

    Log reduction is a measure of how thoroughly a decontamination process reduces the concentration of a contaminant.It is defined as the common logarithm of the ratio of the levels of contamination before and after the process, so an increment of 1 corresponds to a reduction in concentration by a factor of 10.

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