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  2. Lloyds Bank - Wikipedia

    In October 2011, Lloyds TSB's credit rating was reduced by Moody's from Aa3 to A1. The action was taken in the light of a shift in government policy to move risk from taxpayers to creditors by reducing the level of support offered to financial institutions. Lloyds TSB was the first Official Partner for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

  3. Lloyd - Wikipedia

    Lloyds, Alabama; Lloyds, Maryland; Lloyds, Virginia; Elsewhere. Lloydminster, or "Lloyd", straddling the provincial border between Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada; Companies and businesses Derived from Lloyd's Coffee House. Lloyd's Coffee House, a London meeting place for merchants and shipowners between about 1688 and 1774

  4. Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets - Wikipedia

    Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets is the investment banking arm of Lloyds Banking Group.LBCM has two primary investment banking functions: Capital Markets - under which Debt Capital Markets, private side derivatives, and Securitised Products sit - and Financial Markets - the interest rates, currency, inflation and gilts, flow sales and trading business.

  5. Lloyd's building - Wikipedia's_building

    The much-vaunted design innovation of having the service pipes, ducts, and stairwells outside the walls in fact led to such costs caused by weathering and maintenance that Lloyds considered vacating the building in 2014. Lloyd's former chief executive Richard Ward stated: "There is a fundamental problem with this building.

  6. LloydsPharmacy - Wikipedia

    In October 2017 Lloyds announced that it would close or sell 190 of its 1,600 shops in England and to expand its use of digital channels. Lloyds made a €12 million settlement to the Irish Health Service Executive (HSE) over a dispute of phased dispensing to medical card holders. Lloyds put a patient’s monthly medication into four separate ...

  7. Baker Street robbery - Wikipedia

    The Baker Street robbery was the burglary of safety deposit boxes at the Baker Street branch of Lloyds Bank in London, on the night of 11 September 1971. A gang tunnelled 40 feet (12 m) from a rented shop two doors away to come up through the floor of the vault.

  8. Marine surveyor - Wikipedia

    A Marine Surveyor (including "yacht & small craft surveyor", "hull & machinery surveyor" and/or "cargo surveyor") is a person who conducts inspections, surveys or examinations of marine vessels to assess, monitor and report on their condition and the products on them, as well as inspects damage caused to both vessels and cargo.

  9. TSB Bank (United Kingdom) - Wikipedia

    Lloyds TSB Group bought HBOS in January 2009 and renamed itself Lloyds Banking Group. In 2009, following the UK bank rescue package, HM Government took a 43.4% stake in Lloyds Banking Group, which later announced that it would sell a standalone retail banking business of 632 branches and most accounts held at those branches in order to comply with European Commission state aid requirements.