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  2. List of universities in Australia - Wikipedia

    There are 43 universities in Australia: 40 Australian universities (36 public and 4 private) and 3 international private universities. The Commonwealth Higher Education Support Act 2003 sets out three groups of Australian higher education providers: universities, other self-accrediting higher education institutions, and state and territory accredited higher education institutions.

  3. List of universities in China - Wikipedia

    This article is a non-comprehensive list of universities in China, which is defined as the People's Republic of China (PRC) in mainland China and Hong Kong and Macau SARs.. By September 2021, there were 3,012 colleges and universities, with over 40 million students enrolled in mainland China, and 156 colleges in the ROC free area.

  4. List of universities in Bahrain - Wikipedia

    This is a list of universities in Bahrain. Public universities and higher education institutions. Arabian Gulf University; Bahrain Polytechnic ...

  5. List of universities in Malaysia - Wikipedia

    This is a list of universities in Malaysia. Universities in Malaysia are generally categorised as public and private universities. Private universities include locally established universities and campuses of foreign universities. The list below is classified by the two main categories, sequentially ordered by their locations according to states.

  6. List of universities in Taiwan - Wikipedia

    The following is a list of universities, colleges, junior colleges and Institute of technology in the Republic of China (ROC), which consists of Taiwan, Penghu Islands, Kinmen Islands and the Matsu Islands

  7. List of universities and colleges in Oman - Wikipedia

    This is a list of universities and higher education institutions in Oman. Sultan Qaboos University; Middle East College; Dhofar University; University of Nizwa;

  8. List of universities in Bangladesh - Wikipedia

    Bangladeshi universities are affiliated with the University Grants Commission, a commission created according to the Presidential Order (P.O. No 10 of 1973) of the government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. Most universities focus on general studies, mixing together such areas of study as business, engineering and technology. Twenty-two ...

  9. List of universities and colleges in Saudi Arabia - Wikipedia

    This is the list of universities, colleges and institutes in Saudi Arabia. By province. University/College Foundation City Website Riyadh Region; King Saud University ...