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  2. Lao National Television - Wikipedia

    Lao National Television (officially abbreviated as LNTV, Lao: ໂທລະພາບແຫ່ງຊາດລາວ (ທຊລ), romanized : Tholaphap Heng Xat Lao) is the national television station of the country of Laos. It is divided into 2 television channels, LNTV1 and LNTV3. The network's logo is based on the national symbol – Pha That Luang. [1] Contents 1 Channels 2 See also

  3. Laos - Wikipedia

    The National University of Laos is the Lao state's public university. As a low-income country, Laos faces a brain-drain problem as many educated people migrate to developed countries. It is estimated that about 37% of educated Laotians live outside Laos. Laos was ranked 117th in the Global Innovation Index in 2021 down from 113rd in 2020.

  4. Laotian diaspora - Wikipedia

    The Laotian diaspora consists of roughly 800,000 (2.5 million estimated 2018 by Seangdao Somsy LHK LLX [citation needed]) people, both descendants of early emigrants from Laos, as well as more recent refugees who escaped the country following its communist takeover as a result of the Laotian Civil War. The overwhelming majority of overseas ...

  5. Freedom of the press in Laos - Wikipedia

    Lao National Television (LNT) is the state television station. However, with the establishment of cable TV service in Laos under cooperation with a Chinese company, subscribers now have access to up to 30 foreign television channels including BBC, CNN, and channels from countries including China and Thailand.

  6. List of Lao people - Wikipedia

    Below is a list of Lao people (persons from Laos, or of Lao descent). Resident Laotians. Kouprasith Abhay; Alexandra Bounxouei; Anouvong; Boua; Bounkhong; Bouasone Bouphavanh; Laasaenthai Bouvanaat; General Cheng; Fa Ngum; Fay Na; Huy of Champasak; Sisavath Keobounphanh; Kham Nai; Kham Souk of Champasak; Kham-Oun I; Khamphoui; Khamtum; Khun Lo ...

  7. Lao Veterans of America - Wikipedia

    The Lao Veterans of America, Inc., describes itself as a non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental, veterans organization that represents Lao- and Hmong-American veterans who served in the U.S. clandestine war in the Kingdom of Laos during the Vietnam War as well as their refugee families in the United States. [1]

  8. Laotian Americans - Wikipedia

    Laotian Americans ( Lao: ຄົນອາເມລິກາລາວ) are Americans who trace their ancestry to Laos. Laotian Americans are included in the larger category of Asian Americans. The major immigrant generation were generally refugees who escaped Laos during the warfare and disruption of the 1970s, and entered refugee camps in Thailand across the Mekong River.