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  2. Kronos Incorporated - Wikipedia

    Kronos Incorporated corporate headquarters in Lowell, MA. Kronos was founded in 1977 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Simon Business School alumnus Mark S. Ain. [4] Under Mark Ain's leadership, Kronos sustained one of the longest records of growth and profitability as a public company in software industry history. [5]

  3. Kronos - Wikipedia

    Kronos (Highlander), a fictional character. In the Doctor Who serial, The Time Monster, a creature from outside time that feeds on time itself. In the Star Trek universe, another spelling of Qo'noS, the Klingon home world. In Singularity, an artificial intelligence designed to rid the earth of the plague of humanity in order to save the planet.

  4. History of Microsoft Office - Wikipedia

    First version to ship in 32-bit and 64-bit. First version to officially support Windows Server 2016 and last version to support the 32-bit versions of Windows XP SP3 and Windows Server 2003 SP2 and the 32/64-bit versions of Windows Vista SP1-SP2 and Windows Server 2008. Version 13.0 was skipped because of the fear of the number 13. October 13, 2015

  5. Kronos (computer) - Wikipedia

    Kronos is a series of 32-bit processor equipped printed circuit board systems, and the workstations based thereon, of a proprietary hardware architecture developed in the mid-1980s in Akademgorodok, a research city in Siberia, by the Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union, Siberian branch, Novosibirsk Computing Center, Modular Asynchronous Developable Systems (MARS) project, Kronos Research ...

  6. CDC Kronos - Wikipedia

    CDC Kronos. Kronos is an operating system with time-sharing capabilities, written by Control Data Corporation in 1971. [1] Kronos ran on the 60-bit CDC 6000 series mainframe computers and their successors. CDC replaced Kronos with the NOS operating system in the late 1970s, which were succeeded by the NOS/VE operating system in the mid-1980s.

  7. CentOS - Wikipedia

    centos .org. CentOS ( / ˈsɛntɒs /, from Community Enterprise Operating System; also known as CentOS Linux) [5] [6] is a discontinued Linux distribution that provided a free and open-source community-supported computing platform, functionally compatible with its upstream source, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

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    related to: kronos workforce 6.0 download free 6 0 download free freeware version 64-bit