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  3. Drumming (Reich) - Wikipedia

    Drumming is a piece by minimalist composer Steve Reich, dating from 1970–1971. Reich began composition of the work after a short visit to Ghana and observing music and musical ensembles there, especially under the Anlo Ewe master drummer Gideon Alorwoyie. His visit was cut short after contracting malaria.

  4. Single sign-on - Wikipedia

    Conversely, single sign-off or single log-out (SLO) is the property whereby a single action of signing out terminates access to multiple software systems. As different applications and resources support different authentication mechanisms, single sign-on must internally store the credentials used for initial authentication and translate them to ...

  5. List of leaders of universities and colleges in the United States

    The American College – George Nichols III, President. American InterContinental University – John Kline, Chancellor and President. American University – Sylvia Mathews Burwell, President. Amherst College – Carolyn Martin, President. Andover Newton Theological School – Martin B. Copenhaver, President.

  6. TurboTax - Wikipedia

    TurboTax is a software package for preparation of American income tax returns, produced by Intuit. TurboTax is a market leader in its product segment, competing with H&R Block Tax Software and TaxAct. TurboTax was developed by Michael A. Chipman of Chipsoft in 1984 and was sold to Intuit in 1993. The company has been subject of controversy over ...

  7. Willis Barnstone - Wikipedia

    Willis Barnstone (born November 13, 1927) is an American poet, religious scholar, and translator. He was born in Lewiston, Maine and lives in Oakland, California. He translated works by Jorge Luis Borges, Antonio Machado, Rainer Maria Rilke, Pedro Salinas, Pablo Neruda, and Wang Wei, as well as the New Testament and fragments by Sappho and pre-Socratic philosopher Heraclitus ...

  8. R. Gerald Turner - Wikipedia

    Robert Gerald Turner (born November 25, 1945) is the President of Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, Texas.One of the most highly-compensated university presidents in the United States, Turner has been hailed as a "transformational" figure who helped rehabilitate SMU's national reputation following the infamous 1980s football scandal and NCAA death penalty.