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  3. Audio engineer - Wikipedia

    Audio engineering courses at university or college fall into two rough categories: (i) training in the creative use of audio as a sound engineer, and (ii) training in science or engineering topics, which then allows students to apply these concepts while pursuing a career developing audio technologies.

  4. Olympia, Greece - Wikipedia,_Greece

    Olympia (Modern Greek: Ολυμπία [oli(m)ˈbi.a]; Ancient Greek: Ὀλυμπία [olympí.aː]), officially Archaia Olympia (Modern Greek: Αρχαία Ολυμπία; Ancient Greek: Ἀρχαίὰ Ὀλυμπία; "Ancient Olympia"), is a small town in Elis on the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece, famous for the nearby archaeological site of the same name, which was a major Panhellenic ...

  5. Peruvian Navy - Wikipedia

    The Peruvian Navy ( Spanish: Marina de Guerra del Perú; MGP ), is an executive body of the Ministry of Defense, a branch of the Armed Forces and, as such, it takes part of the Joint Command of the Peruvian Armed Forces . After Peru's independence in 1821, General Jose de San Martín, regarded as the Protector of Peru, established the Peruvian ...

  6. Pick operating system - Wikipedia

    user interface. Text-based. License. Proprietary. The Pick operating system (often called just "the Pick system " or simply "Pick") is a demand-paged, multiuser, virtual memory, time-sharing computer operating system based around a MultiValue database. Pick is used primarily for business data processing.

  7. List of The Incredibles characters - Wikipedia

    Macroburst was a sidekick to Everseer, and later a member of the Phantasmics. The Operation Kronos database assigned them a threat rating of 5.9. Macroburst was the first Super to score a victory over an Omnidroid, defeating the Omnidroid v. X1 during the training sessions for Operation Kronos.

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