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  3. COVID-19 pandemic in Poland - Wikipedia

    A new law (nicknamed Polish: specustawa, lit. special law) to manage a possible epidemic of COVID-19 or other infectious diseases in Poland via administrative, budgetary and epidemiological measures passed through a first reading by a parliamentary committee and through second and third readings by the Polish lower house of parliament, the Sejm, on 1 and 2 March, with 400 votes out of 418 in ...

  4. Bollywood - Wikipedia

    t. e. Hindi cinema, often known as Bollywood and formerly as Bombay cinema, is the Indian Hindi -language film industry based in Mumbai (formerly Bombay). The term is a portmanteau of "Bombay" and " Hollywood ". The industry is related to Cinema of South India and other Indian film industries, making up Indian cinema —the world's largest by ...

  5. Kroger - Wikipedia

    The Kroger Company, or simply Kroger, is an American retail company founded by Bernard Kroger in 1883 in Cincinnati, Ohio.It is the United States' largest supermarket by revenue ($121.16 billion for fiscal year 2019), and the second-largest general retailer (behind Walmart).

  6. Time clock - Wikipedia

    Time clock. A time clock, sometimes known as a clock card machine or punch clock or time recorder, is a device that records start and end times for hourly employees (or those on flexi-time) at a place of business. In mechanical time clocks, this was accomplished by inserting a heavy paper card, called a time card, into a slot on the time clock.

  7. Wikipedia:Peer review/May 2009 - Wikipedia

    "Comics Worth Reading" is the website of a long time comic industry professional and a reviewer for Publishers Weekly, making it usable for reviews as a self-publisher source as it is "produced by an established expert on the topic of the article whose work in the relevant field has previously been published by reliable third-party publications.".

  8. Wikipedia:Peer review/April 2009 - Wikipedia

    Trouble is, the lack of clarity might be due to the state of the document rather than to the quality of the image. Brianboulton ( talk ) 11:27, 19 March 2009 (UTC) Yeah, I think so.

  9. Talk:Iridology/Archive 4 - Wikipedia

    The site as I check the IP is located in Texas, and I am working in France. 2. is associated with ophthalmological research - in this quality the world's premier ophthalmologic-to-iridologic bridge building site is valued, as it is valued by all iridological and ophthalmological communities.