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  2. Kronos Foods - Wikipedia

    With over 200 employees at its factory in Glendale Heights, Illinois, Kronos has expanded its product line from just gyro meats in the late 1970s to Greek yogurt, pita, hummus, spanakopita, baklava, and other Mediterranean foods. Kronos Foods produces around 100,000 lb (45,000 kg) of meat products daily. History [ edit]

  3. Gyros - Wikipedia

    Gyros —in some regions, chiefly North America, anglicized as a gyro [2] [3] [4] ( / ˈjɪəroʊ, ˈdʒɪər -, ˈdʒaɪr -/; Greek: γύρος, romanized : yíros/gyros, lit. 'turn', pronounced [ˈʝiros] )—is meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie, then sliced and served wrapped or stuffed in pita bread, along with ingredients such as tomato, onion, fried potatoes, …

  4. Gyro vs. Shawarma: The Key Differences Between Two Street ...

    The main difference between shawarma and gyro is the meat. Unlike gyros, which typically contain beef in addition to lamb, the packed-down shawarma meat can include chicken, lamb, turkey, veal, or ...

  5. Krinos Foods - Wikipedia

    Krinos Foods, Inc. is a United States private company based in New York that imports and produces Greek and other Mediterranean foods. It is one of the largest Greek food importers in North America.

  6. Kapsalon - Wikipedia

    Kapsalon ( [ˈkɑpsɐlɔn]) is a fast food dish created in 2003 in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, consisting of a layer of french fries placed into a disposable metal take-away tray, topped with döner or gyro meat, covered with slices of Gouda cheese, and heated in an oven until the cheese melts.

  7. The 10 best meats and the 10 worst ones - AOL

    More food: 14 Unsavory Secrets of Steakhouses Why Grass-Fed Meats are Better for You Study Finds Quicker Method for Thawing Meat Plus, watch the video below for healthy eating tips to get lean in ...

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    related to: kronos gyros meat