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  2. Orania - Wikipedia

    The town's economy is focused around self-sufficiency and based on agriculture, notably of pecan nuts. The poverty rate is estimated to be 70–80%. Afrikaner Calvinism is an important aspect of local culture. While the South African government has stated that it is opposed to the idea of a whites-only community, it has generally ignored the town.

  3. List of fictional scientists and engineers - Wikipedia

    Rintarō Okabe, a.k.a. Kyōma Hōōin (Steins;Gate) – self proclaimed mad scientist in his Kyōma Hōōin persona (which in reality is taken from a television show he watched as a child). Yuri (Red Alert 2, and expansion pack) – Soviet psychic and founder of the Psychic Corps. During the Second World War, he took part in Stalin's secret ...