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  2. Kronos Foods - Wikipedia

    With over 200 employees at its factory in Glendale Heights, Illinois, Kronos has expanded its product line from just gyro meats in the late 1970s to Greek yogurt, pita, hummus, spanakopita, baklava, and other Mediterranean foods. Kronos Foods produces around 100,000 lb (45,000 kg) of meat products daily. Contents 1 History 2 Products 3 Information

  3. Kronos Incorporated - Wikipedia

    Revenue. $1.433 billion (2019) [1] Owner. Hellman & Friedman. Number of employees. 6,000 (2019) [2] Website. www .kronos .com. Kronos Incorporated was an American multinational workforce management and human capital management cloud provider headquartered in Lowell, Massachusetts, United States, which employed more than 6,000 people worldwide.

  4. Kronos (computer) - Wikipedia

    Kronos is a series of 32-bit processor equipped printed circuit board systems, and the workstations based thereon, of a proprietary hardware architecture developed in the mid-1980s in Akademgorodok, a research city in Siberia, by the Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union, Siberian branch, Novosibirsk Computing Center, Modular Asynchronous Developable Systems (MARS) project, Kronos Research ...

  5. Kronos - Wikipedia

    Kronos (Highlander), a fictional character In the Doctor Who serial, The Time Monster, a creature from outside time that feeds on time itself In the Star Trek universe, another spelling of Qo'noS, the Klingon home world In Singularity, an artificial intelligence designed to rid the earth of the plague of humanity in order to save the planet.

  6. Kronos Racing - Wikipedia

    Kronos Racing was set up in 1994, and ran circuit racing and rallying programmes on behalf of Peugeot Belgium/Luxembourg. The team's Peugeot 306 GTIs won the Spa 24 Hours in 1999 and 2000, the last two years that the event was run as a touring car race. In 2003 Bruno Thiry won the European Rally Championship in a Peugeot 206 WRC run by the team ...

  7. Talk:Gyros - Wikipedia

    The doner article confuses thing further. According to one source (The Guardian), the doner was reportedly invented in the 1950s by a Turkish-Cypriot (I think), in Berlin. While most sources say late 1890s and we use here a picture of a street-seller from the mid-1800s selling something an awful lot like a 'doner'.

  8. Postcentral gyrus - Wikipedia

    Postcentral gyrus The postcentral gyrus is a prominent gyrus in the lateral parietal lobe of the human brain. It is the location of the primary somatosensory cortex, the main sensory receptive area for the sense of touch. Like other sensory areas, there is a map of sensory space in this location, called the sensory homunculus .

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    related to: kronos central gyros chicago menu images