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  2. Know Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

    Synonyms of know transitive verb 1 a (1) : to perceive directly : have direct cognition of (2) : to have understanding of importance of knowing oneself (3) : to recognize the nature of : discern b (1) : to recognize as being the same as something previously known (2) : to be acquainted or familiar with (3) : to have experience of 2 a

  3. Know Definition & Meaning |

    verb (used with object), knew, known, know·ing. to perceive or understand as fact or truth; to apprehend clearly and with certainty: I know the situation fully. to have established or fixed in the mind or memory: to know a poem by heart; Do you know the way to the park from here? to be cognizant or aware of: I know it.

  4. KNOW | English meaning - Cambridge Dictionary

    Meaning of know in English know verb uk / nəʊ / us / noʊ / knew | known know verb (HAVE INFORMATION) A1 [ I or T, not continuous ] to have information in your mind: "Where did he go?" "I don't know." "What does it cost ?" "Ask Kate. She'll know." She knows the name of every kid in the school. I don't know anything about this.

  5. 95 Synonyms & Antonyms of KNOW - Merriam-Webster

    Definition of know 1 as in to understand to have a practical understanding of a career diplomat who knows several languages a fan who really knows baseball Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance understand comprehend grasp appreciate fathom perceive possess apprehend have savvy follow cognize ken catch on (to) pick up Antonyms & Near Antonyms

  6. Know Definition & Meaning | Britannica Dictionary

    b : to recognize the difference between two things : to be able to distinguish (one thing) from another. know right from wrong. 6. [+ object] a : to be sure that (someone or something) has a particular quality, character, etc., because of your experiences with that person or thing — usually followed by to + verb.

  7. know (noʊ) v. knew, known, know•ing, n. v.t. 1. to perceive or understand as fact or truth; apprehend clearly and with certainty. 2. to have fixed in the mind or memory: to know a poem by heart. 3. to be cognizant of: I know it. 4. to be acquainted or familiar with (a thing, place, person, etc.): I know the mayor well.

  8. To know something is to be aware of it as a fact or truth: He knows the basic facts of the subject. I know that he agrees with me. To comprehend is to know something thoroughly and to perceive its relationships to certain other ideas, facts, etc.

  9. know - Wiktionary

    to know a person's face or figure to know right from wrong I wouldn't know one from the other. ( transitive) To recognize as the same (as someone or something previously encountered) after an absence or change. quotations To understand or have a grasp of through experience or study . quotations Let me do it. I know how it works.

  10. meaning - "Know about" vs. "know of" - English Language ...

    'know of' is used when you have personal experience with what you are talking about 'know about' is used when you have heard about the subject but never had any experience with it. This contradicts with my experience.

  11. Know-how Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

    Know-how Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster know-how noun ˈnō-ˌhau̇ Synonyms of know-how : knowledge of how to do something smoothly and efficiently : expertise Synonyms chops experience expertise moxie proficiency savvy skills See all Synonyms & Antonyms in Thesaurus Word History First Known Use 1838, in the meaning defined above Time Traveler

  12. Know - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

    (Do you) know what I mean? (Do you) know what I'm saying? (I'll be) hanged if I know! (it) takes one to know one (not) know jack (about someone or something) (not) know jack all (about someone or something) (not) know jack shit (about someone or something) (one) doesn't know which way is up or down (one) is old enough to know better

  13. know. (v.). Old English cnawan (class VII strong verb; past tense cneow, past participle cnawen), "perceive a thing to be identical with another," also "be able to distinguish" generally (tocnawan); "perceive or understand as a fact or truth" (opposed to believe); "know how (to do something)," from Proto-Germanic *knew-(source also of Old High German bi-chnaan, ir-chnaan "to know"), from PIE ...

  14. To know something means to have a piece of information or a certain understanding of something. If someone tells you their phone number and you remember it, you know.

  15. Know-how - Wikipedia

    Know-how (or knowhow, or procedural knowledge) is a term for practical knowledge on how to accomplish something, as opposed to "know-what" (facts), "know-why" (science), or "know-who" (communication). It is also often referred to as street smarts (sometimes conceived as the opposite of book smarts ), and a person employing their street smarts ...

  16. know - English-Spanish Dictionary -

    Inflections of ' know ' ( v ): ( ⇒ conjugate) knows v 3rd person singular knowing v pres p knew v past known v past p WordReference Collins WR Reverse (100) WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary © 2022: Is something important missing? Report an error or suggest an improvement. Is something important missing?

  17. What is another word for know - WordHippo

    Synonyms for know include understand, see, perceive, recognise, recognize, appreciate, comprehend, grasp, sense and notice. Find more similar words at!

  18. Know definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    Know definition: If you know a fact, a piece of information , or an answer , you have it correctly in your... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

  19. KNOW-HOW | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    know-how noun [ U ] informal uk / ˈnəʊhaʊ / us practical knowledge, experience, and ability: business / financial / technical know-how management / marketing / manufacturing know-how We supply the equipment and know-how to do the job, while investors supply about $2 million and the industrial land.

  20. Know of - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

    To know who or what someone or something is without having direct contact or experience with them or it. A: "Do you know Margaret Fletcher?" B: "No, but I know of her. She teaches physics at Purdue, right?" A: "Are you familiar with cloud storage?" B: "I know of it, but I'm not totally sure how it works." See also: know, of

  21. KNOW (verb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary

    know someone/something by something: They know all their tutors by their first names. Synonyms and related words + 4 transitive to remember or recognize someone because of a particular skill or quality that they have know someone as/for something: He was best known as a painter. We know her mostly for her love poetry. Synonyms and related words + 5