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  2. Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan - Wikipedia's_Kitchen,_Manhattan

    Hell's Kitchen, also known as Clinton, is a neighborhood on the West Side of Midtown Manhattan in New York City. It is considered to be bordered by 34th Street (or 41st Street) to the south, 59th Street to the north, Eighth Avenue to the east, and the Hudson River to the west.

  3. Hell's Kitchen (American season 3) - Wikipedia's_Kitchen_(American...

    This was the first Hell's Kitchen season to be filmed in 16:9 standard definition. The season finale was a record high for the show's ratings, drawing 9.8 million viewers. Executive Chef Rock Harper won the season and was awarded a US$250,000 per year head-chef position at a restaurant in the Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa in Henderson, Nevada

  4. Hell's Kitchen (American season 4) - Wikipedia's_Kitchen_(American...

    The women decorated Hell's Kitchen for Melissa's party, supervised by party planner Francesco and Melissa's mother Lori. Service: Before service began, Shayna expressed frustration over Ben's laid back attitude towards her challenge winning dish, while the women were equally as frustrated with Shayna for her slow work during prep. Hell's ...

  5. Hell's Kitchen (American season 11) - Wikipedia's_Kitchen_(American...

    The men decorated Hell's Kitchen for the quinceañera under the supervision of Josette, who was the event's party planner. Service: Ramsay stated that after appetizers, Breanna would perform a traditional waltz, so appetizers needed to be finished on time in both kitchens. Both kitchens worked together to serve Breanna's 13-guest table, however ...

  6. Woodworking - Wikipedia

    Woodworking is the skill of making items from wood, and includes cabinet making (cabinetry and furniture), wood carving, joinery, carpentry, and woodturning

  7. Bridal shower - Wikipedia

    In Australia and New Zealand, a custom related to the North American bridal shower, known as a Kitchen Tea, was traditionally held before the wedding. During a Kitchen Tea, female friends and family members would gather at the bride's family home for an afternoon tea, where they would give kitchen-related gifts to the bride.

  8. Holland Codes - Wikipedia

    Holland made a career out of studying the world of work, pioneering the theory that if people were aware of their personality type or combination of types—realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising or conventional—then they would be happier workers.

  9. Sam Pancake - Wikipedia

    Sam Pancake (born May 10, 1964) is an American actor, improviser, writer and comedian. He began his career with small roles in TV and film such as Wings in 1990 and Pizza Man in 1991.