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  2. Johannes Lötter - Wikipediaötter

    Johannes Cornelius Jacobus " Hans " Lötter was a Boer commander who fought, and was executed by, the British during the Second Boer War. Along with Gideon Scheepers, Lötter was one of the most brutal guerrilla commandos in the Cape Colony. [1] Lötter entered the Cape Colony during the war along with Pieter Hendrik Kritzinger. [2]

  3. List of people scheduled to be executed in the United States

    All of these executions are scheduled over four calendar years in five U.S. states. [2] On June 10, 2022, the Attorney General of Oklahoma, John M. O'Connor, asked the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals to set execution dates for 25 death row inmates. He requested the executions occur every four weeks on a Thursday, commencing on August 25. [3]

  4. Lana Tisdel - Wikipedia

    Initially friendly, Lotter and Nissen soon began to harass Teena and Tisdel and scrutinize their relationship. During a Christmas Eve party, Lotter and Nissen forced Teena to take off his clothes in order to show everyone, including Lana, his genitals. The two then kidnapped Teena and took him to a rural area, where they raped and beat him.

  5. Texas man gets execution delay over pastor’s touch request

    A Texas death row inmate won a reprieve Wednesday evening from execution for killing a convenience store worker during a 2004 robbery that garnered $1.25 after claiming the state was violating his ...

  6. List of people executed in Nevada - Wikipedia

    The first execution by use of lethal gas took place in February 1924 and has been used as the means of carrying out the death sentence a total of thirty-one times. The last execution was held October 22, 1979. [3] After 1976 [ edit] A total of 12 people convicted of murder have been executed by the state of Nevada since 1976.

  7. List of people executed in the United States in 2021 - Wikipedia

    This is a list of people executed in the United States in 2021. A total of eleven people, ten male and one female, were executed in the United States in 2021, all by lethal injection. [1] With only eleven executions occurring throughout the year, 2021 saw the fewest number of executions within a single year since 1988. [2] Contents

  8. Brandon Teena - Wikipedia

    "And finally, in Falls City, Nebraska, John Lotter has been sentenced to death for attempting to kill three people in what prosecutors called a plot to silence a cross-dressing female who had accused him of rape. Now, this might strike some viewers as harsh, but I believe everyone involved in this story should die." [30] [unreliable source?]