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  2. List of primary schools in Singapore - Wikipedia

    Children typically start their primary education the year they turn seven. Primary education lasts six years, and is compulsory for all Singapore citizens. [1] Primary schools in Singapore are classified as Government or Government-aided schools. Primary schools are typically mixed-sex, though there are a number of single-sex schools.

  3. List of schools in Singapore - Wikipedia

    Under the Compulsory Education Act which came into effect on 1 January 2003, all children have to start attending primary school at the age of 7. It is a criminal offence to fail to do so; however, parents may apply for an exemption from the Ministry of Education for their child to be homeschooled or to attend full-time religious institutions.

  4. Xidan - Wikipedia

    The school's predecessor was a private school, Jiemin Primary School (洁民小学), established in 1934. The Ministry of Education took control in 1953. In 1958 Jiemin merged with Xidan Toutiao Primary School (西单头条小学) and Baimiao Primary School (白庙小学). The school received its current name in August 2002. [23] Future [ edit]

  5. List of coin hoards in China - Wikipedia

    It was reported on June 12, 2009, by China Daily that about two tons of ancient Chinese cash coins were accidentally discovered on the grounds of a primary school located in Liquan County, Shaanxi. Zhao Aiguo, director of the Liquan County heritage and tourism bureau , stated that the coin hoard was accidentally discovered during the ...

  6. Wikipedia:Reference desk/Archives/Language/2013 November 17

    Predecessor was a private school, Jiemin Primary School Given to municipal control in 1953 Not sure what happened in 1958 (merger between two schools?) Given current name in August 2002 WhisperToMe ( talk) 04:03, 17 November 2013 (UTC) [ reply] Yes More precisely to the Ministry of Education. I don't know if it's municipal.

  7. Blue Shirts Society - Wikipedia

    The Blue Shirts Society (藍衣社), also known as the Society of Practice of the Three Principles of the People (Chinese: 三民主義力行社, commonly abbreviated as SPTPP), the Spirit Encouragement Society (勵志社, SES) and the China Reconstruction Society (中華復興社, CRS), was a secret ultranationalist faction that modeled Italian fascists in the Kuomintang (KMT, or the Chinese ...

  8. Anti-corruption campaign under Xi Jinping - Wikipedia

    A far-reaching anti-corruption campaign began in China following the conclusion of the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in 2012. The campaign, carried out under the aegis of Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, was the largest organized anti-graft effort in the history of CCP rule in China.

  9. Yishun - Wikipedia

    Yishun, formerly known as Nee Soon, is a residential town located in the northeastern corner of the North Region of Singapore, bordering Simpang and Sembawang to the north, Mandai to the west, the Central Water Catchment to its southwest, Ang Mo Kio to its south, as well as Seletar and Sengkang to its east. Contents 1 Etymology