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  2. University Malaya Medical Centre - Wikipedia

    University of Malaya Medical Centre ( UMMC) ( Malay: Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya, abbr: PPUM ), [1] formerly known as University Hospital, is a government-funded medical institution located in Pantai Dalam, southwest corner of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was established by Statute in September 1962 and is part of University of Malaya.

  3. Ministry of Human Resources (Malaysia) - Wikipedia

    The Ministry of Human Resources ( Malay: Kementerian Sumber Manusia ), abbreviated MOHR, is a ministry of the Government of Malaysia that is responsible for skills development, labour, occupational safety and health, trade unions, industrial relations, industrial court, labour market information and analysis, social security .

  4. Public Service Department (Malaysia) - Wikipedia

    Government of Malaysia. Headquarters. Blok C1-C3, Kompleks C, Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan, 62510 Putrajaya. Motto. Driving Public Service Transformation ( Peneraju Transformasi Perkhidmatan Awam) Employees. 4,866 (2017) Annual budget. MYR 1,623,931,100 (2020)

  5. Prasarana Malaysia - Wikipedia

    Prasarana Malaysia Berhad (Prasarana) (English: Malaysian Infrastructure Limited) is a 100% government-owned company which was set up by Ministry of Finance (Malaysia) as a corporate body established under the Minister of Finance (Incorporation) Act 1957 to own the assets of multi-modal public transport operator in Malaysia, under the government's move to restructure the city's public ...

  6. Malaysia Volunteers Corps Department - Wikipedia

    The People's Volunteer Corps ( Malay: Jabatan Sukarelawan Malaysia ), abbreviated RELA, officially the Malaysia Volunteers Corps Department, is a paramilitary civil volunteer corps [1] formed by the Malaysian government. Their roles include: Helping to spread awareness of the government policies to the public; To assist other government ...

  7. Police Volunteer Reserve Corp (Malaysia) - Wikipedia

    The Police Volunteer Reserve (PVR) (Malay: Sukarelawan Polis) is a team of special police as well as a supporting unit of the full-time Royal Malaysian Police force where normal citizens could volunteer to help to maintain peace and security of their respective formation. [1] The PVR is mainly composed of professionals such as the architects ...

  8. National Special Operations Force (Malaysia) - Wikipedia

    Malaysia maintains a high level of security and to date no similar terrorist atrocities have occurred. Previously the only incidents with possible links to Islamic terrorism have been the detonation of a small bomb in Kuala Lumpur's Puduraya bus station and more significantly the 2000 Sauk raid [9] by Al-Ma'unah militants, an audacious raid to ...

  9. Minister of Defence (Malaysia) - Wikipedia

    First holder. Abdul Razak Hussein. Website. www .mod .gov .my. The current Malaysian Minister of Defence is Mohamad Hasan since 3 December 2022. The minister is supported by Deputy Minister of Defence which is Adly Zahari. The Minister administers the portfolio through the Ministry of Defence .