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  2. Database - Wikipedia

    Terminology and overview. Formally, a "database" refers to a set of related data and the way it is organized. Access to this data is usually provided by a "database management system" (DBMS) consisting of an integrated set of computer software that allows users to interact with one or more databases and provides access to all of the data contained in the database (although restrictions may ...

  3. Collections management system - Wikipedia

    Collections Management Systems (CMSs) allow individuals or collecting institutions to organize, control, and manage their collections' objects by “tracking all information related to and about” those objects. In larger institutions, the CMS may be used by collections staff such as registrars, collections managers, and curators to record ...

  4. Content inventory - Wikipedia

    A content inventory is the process and the result of cataloging the entire contents of a website. An allied practice—a content audit —is the process of evaluating that content. [1] [2] [3] A content inventory and a content audit are closely related concepts, and they are often conducted in tandem.

  5. List of free geology software - Wikipedia

    Windows & Microsoft Access: Microsoft Access VBA: Microsoft Access is not necessary, the free runtime is sufficient. Simple graphical interface, Integrity reinforcement, Reporting tools, Satellite Database, Database Validation, Assays QA/QC management with graphics. QGeoloGIS QGIS well log and timeseries visualisation plugin Oslandia, Orano and CEA

  6. Inventory management software - Wikipedia

    Inventory management software is a software system for tracking inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries. It can also be used in the manufacturing industry to create a work order, bill of materials and other production-related documents.

  7. National Lidar Dataset (United States) - Wikipedia

    The inventory is updated semi-annually. Note, however, that getting access to the data is often less than straightforward in the current implementation. History: In the United States, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) was the lead agency coordinating efforts across multiple agencies towards a National LIDAR Dataset .

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    related to: inventory access database free download