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  2. Art intervention - Wikipedia

    Art intervention is an interaction with a previously existing artwork, audience, venue/space or situation. It has the auspice of conceptual art and is commonly a form of performance art . It is associated with the Viennese Actionists , the Dada movement and Neo-Dadaists .

  3. Humanitarian intervention - Wikipedia

    It is an intervention in the sense that it entails interfering in the internal affairs of a state by sending military forces into the territory or airspace of a sovereign state that has not committed an act of aggression against another state.

  4. Currency intervention - Wikipedia

    Currency intervention, also known as foreign exchange market intervention or currency manipulation, is a monetary policy operation. It occurs when a government or central bank buys or sells foreign currency in exchange for its own domestic currency, generally with the intention of influencing the exchange rate and trade policy.

  5. Early childhood intervention - Wikipedia

    Early childhood intervention ( ECI) is a support and educational system for very young children (aged birth to six years) who have been victims of, or who are at high risk for child abuse and/or neglect as well as children who have developmental delays or disabilities.

  6. Intervention mapping - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Intervention Mapping) Intervention mapping is a protocol for developing theory -based and evidence-based health promotion programs. Intervention Mapping describes the process of health promotion program planning in six steps: the needs assessment based on the PRECEDE-PROCEED model

  7. Economic interventionism - Wikipedia

    Economic interventionism, sometimes also called state interventionism, is an economic policy position favouring government intervention in the market process with the intention of correcting market failures and promoting the general welfare of the people. An economic intervention is an action taken by a government or international institution ...

  8. Mind–body interventions - Wikipedia–body_interventions

    the united states national center for complementary and integrative health (nccih) defines mind-body interventions as activities that purposefully affect mental and physical fitness, listing activities such as yoga, tai chi, pilates, guided imagery, guided meditation and forms of meditative praxis, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and prayer, as well as …