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  2. Time in Indiana - Wikipedia

    In Indiana, local mean time varied from GMT-5:39 in the east to GMT-5:52 in the west. With the emergence of the railroads, hundreds of miles could be traveled in a much shorter time, causing a train passenger to apparently experience several slight changes in time over the course of even a short rail trip.

  3. File:Current time zones in Indiana.svg - Wikipedia

    2012-01-24T06:11:15Z Nyttend 2887x4423 (58820 Bytes) This map shows the tz database's zones, and the database doesn't make a distinction for the two sides of the 1961 line. 2012-01-24T06:09:22Z MarcusBritish 2887x4423 (58911 Bytes) Match yellows per request at Wiki Graphic Lab.

  4. List of time offsets by U.S. state and territory - Wikipedia

    Map of U.S. time zones with new CST and EST areas displayed. Some U.S. time zones, such as the Samoa Time Zone, are not on this map. This is a list of the time offsets by U.S. states, federal district, and territories. For more about the time zones of the U.S. see time in the United States . Most states are entirely contained within one time zone.

  5. Time in the United States - Wikipedia

    Hawaii–Aleutian Time Zone (no daylight saving in Hawaii, UTC−10:00; zone W), which includes Hawaii and most of the length of the Aleutian Islands chain (west of 169°30′W). Zones used in U.S. territories [ edit] Samoa Time Zone ( UTC−11:00; Zone X), which comprises American Samoa.

  6. UTC−06:00 - Wikipedia

    Time in Indiana: Counties grouped by time zone. Lake Michigan shown in blue at top left. Time in Mexico UTC−06:00 is an identifier for a time offset from UTC of −06:00. In North America, it is observed in the Central Time Zone during standard time, and in the Mountain Time Zone during the other eight months (see daylight saving time ).

  7. Time zone - Wikipedia

    All time zones are defined as offsets from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), ranging from UTC−12:00 to UTC+14:00. The offsets are usually a whole number of hours, but a few zones are offset by an additional 30 or 45 minutes, such as in India, South Australia and Nepal .

  8. Talk:Time in Indiana - Wikipedia

    Indianapolis (central), Fort Wayne (and the northeast), Richmond (the east) and the southeast Ohio River counties anchored the Eastern time zone in Indiana. The Chicago area (northwest), Terre Haute (west), Bloomington (west-central) and Evansville (southwest) were the major areas in Indiana's Central time zone.

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    related to: indiana time zone map