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  2. University Malaya Medical Centre - Wikipedia

    University of Malaya Medical Centre ( UMMC) ( Malay: Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya, abbr: PPUM ), [1] formerly known as University Hospital, is a government-funded medical institution located in Pantai Dalam, southwest corner of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was established by Statute in September 1962 and is part of University of Malaya.

  3. Kosong County - Wikipedia

    Kosong County Kosŏng County ( [ˈkɤsɔŋ‿ɡun]) is a kun, or county, in Kangwŏn province, North Korea. It lies in the southeasternmost corner of North Korea, immediately north of the Korean Demilitarized Zone. Prior to the end of the Korean War in 1953, it made up a single county, together with what is now the South Korean county of the same name.

  4. List of undersecretary positions - Wikipedia

    1.1.1 Former government ministerial positions. 1.2 Government official positions. 2 United States. 2.1 Department of Agriculture. 2.2 Department of Commerce. 2.3 Department of Defense. 2.3.1 Service Departments. 2.4 Department of Education. 2.5 Department of Energy.

  5. Uppum Mulakum - Wikipedia

    Uppum Mulakum ( transl. Salt and Chilli) is an Indian Malayalam -language sitcom, that has been broadcast on Flowers since 14 December 2015. [1] Created and directed by R. Unnikrishnan, the sitcom depicts the everyday life of Balachandran Thampi, his wife Neelima, and their five children.

  6. Great Resignation - Wikipedia

    The resignation rate in the United States plummeted in the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, reaching a nadir in April 2020, but it quickly rebounded, reaching record numbers beginning in March 2021. [1] The Great Resignation, also known as the Big Quit [2] [3] and the Great Reshuffle, [4] [5] is an ongoing economic trend in which ...

  7. Ais Kosong - Wikipedia

    Ais Kosong Ais Kosong is 2016 Malaysian Tamil -language adventure comedy film. It tells the story of three strangers who go on a road trip to Penang together, but accidentally come between two crime gangs. The film was released in Malaysia on 3 March 2016. [1]

  8. Manatuto Administrative Post - Wikipedia

    2,300. Time zone. UTC+09:00 ( TLT) Manatuto, officially Manatuto Administrative Post ( Portuguese: Posto Administrativo de Manatuto, Tetum: Postu administrativu Manatutu ), is an administrative post (and was formerly a subdistrict) in Manatuto municipality, East Timor. [1] [2] Its seat or administrative centre is the suco of Sau.

  9. Superfluidity - Wikipedia

    Superfluidity was discovered in helium-4 by Pyotr Kapitsa [3] and independently by John F. Allen and Don Misener [4] in 1937. It has since been described through phenomenology and microscopic theories. In liquid helium-4, the superfluidity occurs at far higher temperatures than it does in helium-3. Each atom of helium-4 is a boson particle, by ...