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  2. ‘That's a lie’: GOP senators press Yellen on Biden Social ...

    During an appearance before lawmakers on the Senate’s Finance committee, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen was repeatedly pressed in often heated terms by Republicans about the lack of a Social ...

  3. Resource - Wikipedia

    Edit. View history. Resource refers to all the materials available in our environment which are technologically accessible, economically feasible and culturally sustainable and help us to satisfy our needs and wants. Resources can broadly be classified upon their availability — they are classified into renewable and non-renewable resources.

  4. Sustainability standards and certification - Wikipedia

    Sustainability standards and certifications are voluntary guidelines used by producers, manufacturers, traders, retailers, and service providers to demonstrate their commitment to good environmental, social, ethical, and food safety practices. There are over 400 such standards across the world.

  5. Environmental mitigation - Wikipedia

    Environmental mitigation, compensatory mitigation, or mitigation banking, are terms used primarily by the United States government and the related environmental industry to describe projects or programs intended to offset known impacts to an existing historic or natural resource such as a stream, wetland, endangered species, archeological site, paleontological site or historic structure.

  6. New York City Economic Development Corporation - Wikipedia

    Andrew Kimball. Website. edc .nyc. New York City Economic Development Corporation ( NYCEDC) is a nonprofit corporation whose stated mission is to "leverage the city’s assets to create beneficial jobs that drive growth. This ensures equitable and sustainable development across all five boroughs." [3]

  7. Wind power in Morocco - Wikipedia

    The average wind speed is 5.3 metres per second (m/s) at more than 90% of the country’s territory, according to the wind atlas, developed by the Moroccan Renewable Energy Development Center (CDER). The Tanger and Tetouan region (North of Morocco) measured particularly high at 8 to 11 m/s, and 7 to 8.5 m/s were recorded for Dakhla, Tarfaya ...

  8. Waste management in India - Wikipedia

    Solid waste management (SWM) is a major problem for many urban local bodies (ULBs) in India, where urbanization, industrialization, and economic growth have resulted in increased municipal solid waste (MSW) generation per person [1]. Effective SWM is a major challenge in cities with high population density.

  9. Pensions in France - Wikipedia

    This minimum pension ( Allocation de Solidarité aux Personnes Agées in French) is the first level of the first pillar of the French pension system. The ASPA is a monthly benefit paid to low-income seniors, whether or not they are former employees. It is not a retirement pension: it is financed by the State, not by social contributions.