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  2. Putnam Investments - Wikipedia

    Putnam is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and has offices in London, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Sydney, and Singapore. [4] It is a subsidiary of Great-West Lifeco and as of June 2017 managed $183 billion in assets across 80 mutual funds, 100 institutional clients, and 5 million shareholders and participants. [3]

  3. Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security - Wikipedia

    It focuses on intelligence management, counterterrorism studies, and protection management. [1] Henley-Putnam offers over 150 courses, 7 degree programs, and 31 certificate programs. Faculty members tend to have real-world knowledge from working in the intelligence/defense industry. [2] History [ edit]

  4. William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition - Wikipedia

    The top five individual scorers are named Putnam Fellows and awarded $2,500. The school with the first-place team receives an award of $25,000. Each first-place team member, as well as the winner of the Elizabeth Lowell Putnam Prize, receives $1,000. Sixth through 15th place individuals receive $1,000 and the next ten receive $250.

  5. Rex Putnam High School - Wikipedia

    Rex Putnam has been an International Baccalaureate school since the spring of 2008. As such, the school offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programmeto its Juniors and Seniors. Approximately 46% of the Junior class and 40% of the Senior class is enrolled in one or more IB courses as of 2010.

  6. Putnam family - Wikipedia

    Putnam family. The prominent old colonial American and Puritan Putnam family founded by John and Priscilla (Gould) Putnam in the 17th century, in Salem, Massachusetts. Many notable individuals are descendants of this family, including those listed below. John Putnam was born about 1580 and came from Aston Abbotts, Buckinghamshire, England.

  7. George Palmer Putnam - Wikipedia

    Herbert Putnam (1861–1955) Signature. George Palmer Putnam (February 7, 1814 – December 20, 1872) was an American publisher and author. He founded the firm G. P. Putnam's Sons and Putnam's Magazine. He was an advocate of international copyright reform, secretary for many years of the Publishers' Association, and founding superintendent of ...

  8. Twin Earth thought experiment - Wikipedia

    Putnam has since conceded the point and subscribes to McDowell's neo-Wittgensteinian therapeutic invocation of the mind as a structured system of object involving abilities (what Putnam has since defended as a neo-Aristotelian picture of mind [5] ).

  9. Making Democracy Work - Wikipedia

    Putnam believes that for democracy to be successful there needs to be a level of mutual trust among the citizens and a more horizontal system of governing, all of which Northern and Central Italy has enjoyed. Putnam states in Making Democracy Work that civil society creates wealth, wealth does not create a civil society.