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  2. Hugo (software) - Wikipedia

    Hugo (software) Hugo is a static site generator written in Go. Steve Francia [4] originally created Hugo as an open source project in 2013. Since v0.14 in 2015, [5] Hugo has continued development under the lead of Bjørn Erik Pedersen with other contributors. Hugo is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

  3. Static site generator - Wikipedia

    Static site generators (SSGs) are software engines that use text input files (such as Markdown, reStructuredText, AsciiDoc and JSON) to generate static web pages. [1] Static sites generated by static site generators do not require a backend after site generation, making them first-class citizens on content delivery networks (CDNs).

  4. Wikipedia:How to create a page - Wikipedia

    Method 1: searching. Enter text in the search field that you seek to create as a page title. If the title you entered does not already exist, is not technically restricted and is not creation protected, the resulting page will i) tell you that it does not exist; ii) advise that you can create the page, and iii) will provide a red link to the ...

  5. AOL Mail

    Absolutely! It's quick and easy to sign up for a free AOL account. With your AOL account you get features like AOL Mail, news, and weather for free!

  6. Claris Home Page - Wikipedia

    The project was code-named Loma Prieta. Claris purchased it from San Andreas Systems, reworked it to use the user interface common to all their products, and released it in 1996. History. Home Page supported all the features common in HTML at the time. In January 1998, the third and final version of Home Page was released.

  7. Pin to your Windows 10 Start menu - AOL Help

    Your pinned tiles can be found in the right panel of your Start menu. Just click the tile to open up the website on Edge. Open Microsoft Edge. In the address bar, go to the AOL homepage. In the upper right, click the More icon | select Pin this page to Start. Click Yes to confirm. Want a quicker way to access the AOL homepage?

  8. Website builder - Wikipedia

    Website builder. Website builders are tools that typically allow the construction of websites without manual code editing. They fall into two categories: Online proprietary tools provided by web hosting service companies. These are typically intended for service users to build their own website. Some services allow the site owner to use ...

  9. Web colors - Wikipedia

    Each color code listed is a shorthand for the RGB value. For example, code 609 is equivalent to RGB code 102-0-153 or HEX code #660099. Safest web colors. Designers were encouraged [by whom?] to stick to these 216 "web-safe" colors in their websites because there were a lot of 8-bit color displays when the 216-color palette was developed.

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    related to: html home page codes free generator no sign up