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  2. Exit interview - Wikipedia

    Passive methods of data collection such as online or paper surveys have the lowest participation rates of around 30%. Involving a human being in the process increases the average participation rate to 50%. Outsourcing the exit interview process, while a relatively recent development, achieves the highest participation rates of 90% or more.

  3. Automation - Wikipedia

    A block diagram of a PID controller in a feedback loop, r(t) is the desired process value or "set point", and y(t) is the measured process value. Main article: PID controller A proportional–integral–derivative controller (PID controller) is a control loop feedback mechanism ( controller ) widely used in industrial control systems .

  4. Payroll - Wikipedia

    A payroll is the list of employees of some company that is entitled to receive payments as well as other work benefits and the amounts that each should receive. Along with the amounts that each employee should receive for time worked or tasks performed, payroll can also refer to a company's records of payments that were previously made to employees, including salaries and wages, bonuses, and ...

  5. Organizational ethics - Wikipedia

    Leaders using empowerment to motivate their subordinates, is based upon the view of: “Achieving organizational ownership of company values is a continuous process of communication, discussion, and debate throughout all areas of the organization” as. For more information about organization theory, refer to "Organizational Theory."

  6. Cost per impression - Wikipedia

    Purpose. Cost per impression, along with pay-per-click (PPC) and cost per order, is used to assess the cost-effectiveness and profitability of online advertising. Cost per impression is the closest online advertising strategy to those offered in other media such as television, radio or print, which sell advertising based on estimated viewership, listenership, or readership.