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  2. HCL Axon - Wikipedia

    HCL AXON is a UK-based consultancy which sells its services to customers using SAP and Oracle as their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system modeling tools. Previously listed on the London Stock Exchange, and a FTSE 250 Index constituent, the company has been a subsidiary of Indian outsourcing firm HCL Technologies since December 2008, after the reverse merger of Axon Group and HCL SAP ...

  3. Buttered cat paradox - Wikipedia

    The buttered cat paradox is a common joke based on the combination of two adages: . Cats always land on their feet.; Buttered toast always lands buttered side down.; The paradox arises when one considers what would happen if one attached a piece of buttered toast (butter side up) to the back of a cat, then dropped the cat from a large height.

  4. Goobuntu - Wikipedia

    Goobuntu was a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu LTS (long-term support). It was used by almost 10,000 Google employees. It added a number of packages for in-house use, including security features and disabled the installation of some applications, but was otherwise similar.

  5. Antonio Nieves - Wikipedia

    Oracle Arena, Oakland, California, U.S. 12 Win 12–0 Gabor Molnar KO 1 (8), 1:57: Jun 6, 2015 Presque Isle Downs and Casino, Erie, Pennsylvania, U.S. 11 Win 11–0 Saul Tejada UD 8 Mar 28, 2015 Resorts World Casino, Queens, New York, U.S. 10 Win 10–0 DeWayne Wisdom RTD: 5 (6) Dec 20, 2014 Island Casino Racetrack, Wheeling, West Virginia, U.S ...

  6. Backronym - Wikipedia

    Examples. An example of a backronym as a mnemonic is the Apgar score, used to assess the health of newborn babies.The rating system was devised by and named after Virginia Apgar, but ten years after the initial publication, the backronym APGAR was coined in the US as a mnemonic learning aid: Appearance, Pulse, Grimace, Activity and Respiration.

  7. Kerberos (protocol) - Wikipedia

    The server receives the username and symmetric cipher and compares it with the data from database. Login was a success if the cipher matches the cipher that is stored for the user. Client Authentication. The client sends a cleartext message of the user ID to the AS (Authentication Server) requesting services on behalf of the user. (Note ...

  8. Secure copy protocol - Wikipedia

    Secure copy protocol (SCP) is a means of securely transferring computer files between a local host and a remote host or between two remote hosts. It is based on the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol. "

  9. Control key - Wikipedia

    In computing, a Control keyCtrl is a modifier key which, when pressed in conjunction with another key, performs a special operation (for example, Ctrl+C); similar to the Shift key, the Control key rarely performs any function when pressed by itself.