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  2. Help:References and page numbers - Wikipedia

    This example is the most basic and includes unique references for each citation, showing the page numbers in the reference list. This repeats the citation, changing the page number. A disadvantage is that this can create a lot of redundant text in the reference list when a source is cited many times. However, this style is deprecated in the ...

  3. Help:Using the Wayback Machine - Wikipedia

    Normally, when displaying an archived web page, the Wayback Machine will rewrite parts of the underlying code (such as CSS/image references), in order to make the page look as similar as possible to how it looked at the time the page was archived. By default, it will also add a navigational toolbar.

  4. Lorem ipsum - Wikipedia

    Using Lorem ipsum to focus attention on graphic elements in a webpage design proposal One of the earliest examples of the Lorem ipsum placeholder text on 1960s advertising. In publishing and graphic design, Lorem ipsum (/ ˌ l ɔː. r ə m ˈ ɪ p. s ə m /) is a placeholder text commonly used to demonstrate the visual form of a document or a typeface without relying on meaningful content.

  5. Automattic - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Automattic Inc. is an American global distributed company which was founded in August 2005 and is most notable for (a freemium blogging service), as well as its contributions to WordPress (an open source blogging software). The company's name is a play on founder Matt Mullenweg 's first name ...

  6. Wikipedia:Pageview statistics - Wikipedia

    Pageview stats refers to how often a page is viewed by others. This is not a measure of notability. Page view statistics (or Pageview stats) is a tool for Wikipedia pages which shows how many people have visited an article in a given time period. Like the search engine tests, it has some limitations. Before using such statistics in a discussion ...

  7. Talk:Login - Wikipedia

    WPbakery Page Builder is a page builder plugin for WordPress. It comes with various drag-and-drop modules, which allow you to create any layout or design you can imagine. The plugin features live preview, responsive web design and retina-ready designs, shortcodes generator and a simple editor with code completion.

  8. Block and unblock email addresses in AOL Mail - AOL Help

    Block email addresses. 1. Open an email or select it from your mailbox. 2. Click the More icon. 2. Click Block Senders. 2. Optionally, select to also delete emails you've received from the sender.

  9. OpenID - Wikipedia

    The OpenID logo. OpenID is an open standard and decentralized authentication protocol promoted by the non-profit OpenID Foundation.It allows users to be authenticated by co-operating sites (known as relying parties, or RP) using a third-party identity provider (IDP) service, eliminating the need for webmasters to provide their own ad hoc login systems, and allowing users to log in to multiple ...