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  2. Become Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

    ; become; becoming Synonyms of become intransitive verb 1 a : to come into existence b : to come to be become sick They both became teachers. 2 : to undergo change or development The pain was becoming more intense. transitive verb : to be suitable to seriousness becoming the occasion especially : to be becoming to her clothes become her Phrases

  3. BECOME | English meaning - Cambridge Dictionary

    become verb (BE) [ L ] to start to be: He became a US citizen in 1955. The days are becoming shorter. It’s becoming obvious that Dorothy doesn’t like me. become verb (SUIT) [ T ] to cause someone to look attractive, or to be suitable for someone: That color really becomes you. Phrasal verb become of someone/something

  4. Become Definition & Meaning |

    become / ( bɪˈkʌm) / verb -comes, -coming, -came or -come (mainly intr) (copula) to come to be; develop or grow into he became a monster (foll by of; usually used in a question) to fall to or be the lot (of); happen (to)what became of him? (tr) (of clothes, etc) to enhance the appearance of (someone); suitthat dress becomes you

  5. 21 Synonyms & Antonyms of BECOME - Merriam-Webster

    Definition of become as in to grow to eventually have as a state or quality many people became sick with the flu with the arrival of autumn the days become crisper and breezier Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance grow get go come turn run transform wax change metamorphose alter transmute mutate modify transfigure Antonyms & Near Antonyms be remain

  6. 1. to come, change, or grow to be (as specified): to become tired. 2. to come into being; develop or progress into: She became a ballerina. v.t. 3. to be attractive on; befit in appearance; suit: That dress becomes you. 4. to be suitable to the dignity, situation, or responsibility of: conduct that becomes an officer. Idioms:

  7. See definition of become on verb evolve into verb enhance synonyms for become Compare Synonyms come develop into grow into turn into convert incline mature metamorphose shift wax alter to assume form of be converted to be reduced to be reformed be remodeled be transformed into change into come to be emerge as eventually be pass into

  8. become | traducir al español - Cambridge Dictionary

    Traducción of become | Diccionario GLOBAL Inglés-Español become linking v / bɪˈkʌm/ past became | past participle become to begin to be different empezar a comenzar a volverse His voice became sad. Su voz se volvió triste. She’s studying to become a doctor. Ella está estudiando para ser médico. Life is becoming more difficult for them.

  9. become - English-Spanish Dictionary -

    become a member of [sth] v expr (join: a group, club) hacerse miembro de, hacerse socio de loc verb : asociarse a v prnl + prep: become accustomed to [sth] v expr (become familiar with [sth]) acostumbrarse a v prnl + prep: become accustomed to doing [sth] v expr (become used to doing [sth]) acostumbrarse a hacer algo loc verb: become acquainted with [sb] v expr

  10. “Become” and “became” are verbs that mean something has started to be something else. We usually include an adjective or noun after “become” to talk about what that thing is turning into. “Become” is the present tense. That means we’re talking about something transitioning in the present, so the final product has not been completed.

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