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  2. Credit card fraud - Wikipedia

    Using caution when using credit cards for online purchases, especially on non-trusted websites, make sure site is reputable; Keeping a record of account numbers, their expiration dates, and the phone number and address of each company in a secure place. Not sending credit card information by unencrypted email

  3. Finance - Wikipedia

    Personal finance is defined as "the mindful planning of monetary spending and saving, while also considering the possibility of future risk". Personal finance may involve paying for education, financing durable goods such as real estate and cars, buying insurance, investing, and saving for retirement.

  4. Videotelephony - Wikipedia

    Videotelephony, also known as videoconferencing and video teleconferencing, is the two-way or multipoint reception and transmission of audio and video signals by people in different locations for real time communication.

  5. 2014 Scottish independence referendum - Wikipedia

    After this, a white paper for the proposed Referendum Bill was published, on 30 November 2009. It detailed 4 possible scenarios, with the text of the Bill and Referendum to be revealed later. The scenarios were: no change; devolution per the Calman Review; further devolution; and full independence.

  6. The - Wikipedia

    The is the most frequently used word in the English language; studies and analyses of texts have found it to account for seven percent of all printed English-language words. It is derived from gendered articles in Old English which combined in Middle English and now has a single form used with pronouns of any gender.

  7. Moynihan Train Hall - Wikipedia

    Moynihan Train Hall is an expansion of Pennsylvania Station, the main intercity and commuter rail station in New York City, into the city's former main post office building, the James A. Farley Building.

  8. Presidency of Warren G. Harding - Wikipedia

    Harding supported Congressman Leonidas Dyer's federal anti-lynching bill, known as the Dyer Bill, which passed the House of Representatives in January, 1922. When it reached the Senate floor in November 1922, it was filibustered by Southern Democrats, and Senator Lodge withdrew it so as to allow a ship subsidy bill Harding favored to be debated.

  9. Timeline of Colorado history - Wikipedia

    U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs An Act to create the Farmers' Home Corporation, to promote more secure occupancy of farms and farm homes, to correct the economic instability resulting from some present forms of farm tenancy, and for other purposes, also known as the Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Act. February 7

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