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  2. Walmart - Wikipedia

    An independent study by Steven Horwitz of St. Lawrence University found that Walmart, The Home Depot, and Lowe's made use of their local knowledge about supply chains, infrastructure, decision makers and other resources to provide emergency supplies and reopen stores well before the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) began its response.

  3. East Village, Manhattan - Wikipedia,_Manhattan

    Open Road Park, a former cemetery and bus depot, is a garden and a playground adjacent to East Side Community High School between 11th and 12th Streets east of First Avenue. [189] The Avenue B and 6th Street Community Garden was known for a now-removed outdoor sculpture, the Tower of Toys, designed by artist and long-time garden groundskeeper ...

  4. Eskom - Wikipedia

    : 8–9 Due to the South African government's attempted privatisation of Eskom in the late 1990s during the administration of President Thabo Mbeki, Eskom requests for budget to build new stations were denied. After leaving the presidency, Mbeki would later state in December 2007 that this was an error, resulting in adverse affects for the ...

  5. Microsoft - Wikipedia

    In addition, we only ever comply with orders for requests about specific accounts or identifiers. If the government has a broader voluntary national security program to gather customer data, we don't participate in it." During the first six months of 2013, Microsoft received requests that affected between 15,000 and 15,999 accounts.

  6. List of executive actions by Franklin D. Roosevelt - Wikipedia

    Amendment of Schedule B of the Civil-Service Rules July 25, 1933 165 6214-B Appointment of Colvin W. Brown to the Executive Council July 25, 1933 166 6215 Amendment of Schedule A of the Civil Service Rules July 26, 1933 167 6216 National Recovery Administration Code for the Shipbuilding and Shiprepairing Industry July 26, 1933 168 6217

  7. Criticism of Amazon - Wikipedia

    Then in February 2017, Amazon again began to block preorders of Disney films, just before Moana and Rogue One were due to be released to the home market. [29] The law firm Hagens Berman filed a lawsuit in district court in New York in January 2021, alleging that Amazon colluded with leading publishers to keep e-book prices artificially high.

  8. Mary River Mine - Wikipedia

    By 2007, construction of a tote road connecting Mary River mine to Milne Inlet was already underway. Milne Inlet is a shallow inlet that was only ice-free from August to October and opened onto the environmentally sensitive waters of Eclipse Sound and the protected waterways surrounding Bylot Island and Sirmilik National Park, for which Pond Inlet is the gateway hamlet.