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  2. Tesco - Wikipedia

    Tesco's own-labels personal care and household products are stated to be cruelty-free, meaning that they are not tested on animals. [147] In June 2011, Tesco announced that it was working with 2degrees Network to create an online hub as part of its target to reduce its supply chain carbon footprint by 30% by 2020.

  3. History of Montana - Wikipedia

    Although large families were favored by farm families, most women employed birth control methods to space their children and limit their family size. Pregnant women had little access to modern knowledge about prenatal care. Delivery was the big gamble; the great majority gave birth at home, with the services of a midwife or an experienced neighbor.

  4. Compact fluorescent lamp - Wikipedia

    The luminous efficacy of lamps is the number of lumens emitted for each watt of electric power used. The luminous efficacy of a typical CFL is 50–70 lumens per watt (lm/W) and that of a typical incandescent lamp is 10–17 lm/W.

  5. Harford County, Maryland - Wikipedia,_Maryland

    (Mid-Atlantic Customer Support Center) 1,300 1,500 Kohl's: 1,255 NA Harford Community College: 1,029 982 Klein's ShopRite of Maryland: 1,000 800 Wal-Mart: 900 497 Jacobs Technology: 865 787 Home Depot: 500 NA Target Corporation: 500 495 Wegmans Food Markets: 499 525 BSC America 475 250 American Infrastructure 445 352 Macy's: 431 NA Booz Allen ...

  6. United States Army Futures Command - Wikipedia

    1/82nd Airborne, 173rd Airborne, 3/25th ID, and 3/82nd Airborne infantry brigades will all have fielded the Integrated Tactical Network Capability Set '21 by year-end 2021. 2nd Cavalry Regiment is getting Capability Set '21 on Strykers, which will test the CS'23 network design on Strykers early.

  7. Wikipedia - Wikipedia

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