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  2. Ombré - Wikipediaé

    Following the early 21st-century trend, many popular home decorators have incorporated ombré into their home decorating styles. Ombré can be used in many products from textiles to glassware, and as a wall-painting technique, where walls are painted in colors graduating to a lighter or darker tone towards the other end.

  3. Dumbarton Oaks - Wikipedia

    History Early history. The land of Dumbarton Oaks was formerly part of the Rock of Dumbarton grant that Queen Anne made in 1702 to Colonel Ninian Beall (ca. 1625-1717). Around 1801, William Hammond Dorsey (1764–1818) built the first house on the property (the central block of the existing structure) and an orangery, and in the mid-nineteenth century, Edward Magruder Linthicum (1787–1869 ...

  4. Tewkesbury - Wikipedia

    The museum consists of three buildings: the main John Moore Museum, home to an extensive Natural History collection; the Merchant's House, restored to its Tudor appearance; and the Old Baptist Chapel. The Old Baptist Chapel, located off Church Street, is a timber-framed building, formally a medieval hall house dating to the 1480s.

  5. Set - Wikipedia

    Set (mathematics), a collection of elements; Category of sets, the category whose objects and morphisms are sets and total functions, respectively; Electronics and computing. Set (abstract data type), a data type in computer science that is a collection of unique values Set (C++), a set implementation in the C++ Standard Library

  6. Sister Parish - Wikipedia

    Sister Parish (born Dorothy May Kinnicutt; July 15, 1910 – September 8, 1994) was an American interior decorator and socialite.She was the first practitioner brought in to decorate the Kennedy White House, a position soon entrusted to French interior decorator Stéphane Boudin.

  7. Chippenham - Wikipedia

    The town is home to Chippenham Town F.C. They were formed in 1873, and most notably played in the FA Vase 2000 Final, when they lost 1–0 to Deal Town F.C. They currently play in the National League South. Chippenham United F.C., formed in 1905, played for twelve seasons in the Wiltshire Football League after World War II, but folded in 1962.

  8. Vanderbilt Triple Palace - Wikipedia

    Upon its completion, the mansion was generally criticized. After William Henry's death in 1885, the house passed on to numerous members of his family. It became known as the home of Henry Clay Frick, who renovated and rented the house from 1905 to 1913, when he built the Henry Clay Frick House, inspired by the Triple Palace and its art collection.

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