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  2. Car wash - Wikipedia

    The tire sensor lets the wash know where the wheels are and how far apart they are. On other systems the employee may guide the customer on and press a 'Send Car' button on the tunnel controller, to manually send the rollers which push the car through. Prior to entering the automated section of the wash tunnel, attendants may prewash customers ...

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  4. Timeline of the Irish War of Independence - Wikipedia

    RIC and British Army trucks outside Limerick This is a timeline of the Irish War of Independence (or the Anglo-Irish War) of 1919–21. The Irish War of Independence was a guerrilla conflict and most of the fighting was conducted on a small scale by the standards of conventional warfare. Although there were some large-scale encounters between the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the state ...

  5. Jack Daniel's - Wikipedia's

    Jeff Arnett, a company employee since 2001, became Master Distiller in 2008. He was the seventh person to hold the position. He was the seventh person to hold the position. On September 3, 2020, Arnett announced that he was stepping down from the company. [35]

  6. Permatemp - Wikipedia

    Employee badges for permatemps might be a different color, and permatemps may be recognized in the corporate e-mail system by dashes or other identifiers appended to their login ID. By declaring positions filled by permatemps to be low-skilled and making it easier for regular employees to identify their co-workers who are permatemps, companies ...

  7. LGBT rights in South Africa - Wikipedia

    The Defence Act of 2002 makes it a criminal offence for any SANDF member or Defence Department employee to "denigrate, humiliate or show hostility or aversion" to any person on the grounds of sexual orientation. In 2002, the SANDF extended spousal medical and pension benefits to "partners in a permanent life-partnership".

  8. Electronic waste in Guiyu - Wikipedia

    Guiyu (Chinese: 贵屿), in Guangdong Province, China, is widely perceived as the largest electronic waste (e-waste) site in the world. In 2005, there were 60,000 e-waste workers in Guiyu who processed the more than 100 truckloads that were transported to the 52-square-kilometre area every day.

  9. Zynga - Wikipedia

    Women at Zynga, launched in 2011, is an employee-led resource group that focuses on empowering women to succeed and become leaders in their careers and communities especially within the tech space. According to Stephanie Hess, VP of Communications at Zynga, who also leads Women at Zynga , the group strives to attract, hire and retain top female ...