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  2. Google Fusion Tables - Wikipedia

    Maps Visualization. Following positive feedback about Fusion Tables' integration with the Intensity map in the Google Visualization API, the team worked closely with the Google Maps team to add support in Feb 2010 for KML point, line and polygon objects as a native datatype in the tables, visualized on top of Google Maps' basemap.

  3. Argleton - Wikipedia

    Argleton was a phantom settlement that appeared on Google Maps and Google Earth but was later removed by Google. The supposed location of Argleton was between the A59 road and Town Green railway station within the civil parish of Aughton in West Lancashire, England, in an area of empty fields.

  4. List of Google Easter eggs - Wikipedia

    A similar feature was brought back for April Fools' Day 2017, allowing users to play a version of Ms. Pac-Man upon clicking the icon on the Google Maps webpage or mobile app. On Mario Day (March 10) 2018, Google and Nintendo had partnered up to bring Mario into Google Maps mobile app worldwide for a week. A yellow icon with a question mark ...

  5. Google Account - Wikipedia

    A Google Account is required for Gmail, Google Hangouts, Google Meet and Blogger. Some Google products do not require an account, including Google Search, YouTube, Google Books, Google Finance and Google Maps. However, an account is needed for uploading videos to YouTube and for making edits in Google Maps.

  6. Censorship by Google - Wikipedia

    Google's official blog post in April revealed that the imagery was still available in KML format on Google Earth or Google Maps. [8] [9] [10] In March 2008, Google removed Street View and 360ยบ images of military bases per the Pentagon 's request.

  7. Google matrix - Wikipedia

    The Google matrix can be also constructed for the Ulam networks generated by the Ulam method [8] for dynamical maps. The spectral properties of such matrices are discussed in [9,10,11,12,13,15]. [5] [9] In a number of cases the spectrum is described by the fractal Weyl law [10,12].

  8. Heat map - Wikipedia

    Similarly, heat maps may also visualize data over a geographic region. However, unlike choropleth maps, heat maps show the proportion of a variable over an arbitrary, but usually small grid size, independent of geographic boundaries. The figure on the right displaying a heat map of world population is an example. The figure illustrates a single ...

  9. Hawaii 2 - Wikipedia

    Hawaii 2 (previously Birch Island) is a six-acre (2.4 ha) private island in Liberty, Maine's St. George Lake.Previously used as de facto public land, in 2014 the island was purchased by Cards Against Humanity LLC as part of a fundraiser for the Sunlight Foundation.