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  2. Postmaster (computing) - Wikipedia

    In computers and technology, a postmaster is the administrator of a mail server.Nearly every domain should have the e-mail address where errors in e-mail processing are directed.

  3. Spamtrap - Wikipedia

    A spamtrap is a honeypot used to collect spam.. Spamtraps are usually e-mail addresses that are created not for communication, but rather to lure spam. In order to prevent legitimate email from being invited, the e-mail address will typically only be published in a location hidden from view such that an automated e-mail address harvester (used by spammers) can find the email address, but no ...

  4. Doorway page - Wikipedia

    The server can differentiate between bots, crawlers and human visitors based on various flags, including source IP address or user-agent. Cloaking will simultaneously trick search engines to rank sites higher for irrelevant keywords, while displaying monetizing any human traffic by showing visitors spammy, often irrelevant, content.

  5. Comparison of webmail providers - Wikipedia

    No ads, email for own domains (Yandex PDD), scheduled email delivery, SMS verification, sign-in via Twitter, VK, Facebook, Google Profile Zoho Mail: Email Sharing, Folder Sharing, Collaborating with other users by Chat/ Social media for organization, Filters, Schedule and send emails, reminders, Notes, Tasks, Bookmarks and so on.

  6. Marissa Mayer - Wikipedia

    Mayer was the vice president of Google Search Products and User Experience until the end of 2010, when she was asked by then-CEO Eric Schmidt to head the Local, Maps, and Location Services. In 2011, she secured Google's acquisition of survey site Zagat for $125 million. While Mayer was working at Google, she taught introductory computer ...

  7. Overview of the updated AOL app experience for Android

    Write an email. 1. From the Inbox view, tap the Compose Icon . 3. Add contacts in the "To" field. 4. Enter a short description in the "Subject" field. 5. Enter your message in the body of the email. 6. Tap Send. Reply to or forward an email. 1. Tap an email or conversation to open it. 2. Tap on one of the following: • Reply - Reply to the sender.

  8. Browser engine - Wikipedia

    Email clients need them to display HTML email. The Electron framework, which is powered by the two engines of the Google Chrome browser, has been used to create many applications. Layout and rendering. The layout of a web page is typically specified by Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Each style sheet is a series of rules which the browser engine ...

  9. WebSub - Wikipedia

    WebSub (formerly PubSubHubbub) is an open protocol for distributed publish–subscribe communication on the Internet. Initially designed to extend the Atom (and RSS) protocols for data feeds, the protocol can be applied to any data type (e.g. HTML, text, pictures, audio, video) as long as it is accessible via HTTP.