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  2. Georgian language - Wikipedia

    Georgian (ქართული ენა, romanized: kartuli ena, pronounced [kʰɑɾtʰuli ɛnɑ]) is the most widely-spoken of the Kartvelian languages and serves as the literary language or lingua franca for speakers of related languages.

  3. Georgian era - Wikipedia

    The Georgian era is a period in British history from 1714 to c. 1830–37, named after the Hanoverian Kings George I, George II, George III and George IV.The definition of the Georgian era is often extended to include the relatively short reign of William IV, which ended with his death in 1837.

  4. Georgian cuisine - Wikipedia

    Georgian cuisine (Georgian: ქართული სამზარეულო, romanized: kartuli samzareulo) is a traditional cuisine of Georgia. Georgian cuisine has similarities with Caucasus cuisine. Every region of Georgia has its own distinct style of food preparation. Eating and drinking are important parts of Georgian culture.

  5. Georgian wine - Wikipedia

    Traditionally, Georgian wines carry the name of the source region, district, or village, much like French regional wines such as Bordeaux or Burgundy. As with these French wines, Georgian wines are usually a blend of two or more grapes. For instance, one of the best-known white wines, Tsinandali, is a blend of Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane grapes from ...

  6. Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic - Wikipedia

    The Georgian SSR was formed in 1921 and subsequently incorporated in the Soviet Union in 1922. Until 1936 it was a part of the Transcaucasian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic , which existed as a union republic within the USSR.

  7. Georgian Railway - Wikipedia

    In 2009 Georgian Railway has taken delivery of the first train from an order of eight inter-city EMUs produced by CSR Nanjing Puzhen Rolling Stock, China, at a cost of US$6M each. The 3 kV dc trains have a maximum speed of 130 km/h and each four-car set seats a total of 300 passengers in first and second class accommodation.

  8. Defense Forces of Georgia - Wikipedia

    The Georgian Navy's remaining operational units were merged into the Coast Guard, which received training in search and seizure tactics from the United States [citation needed]. Ukraine supplied Georgia with 30 BTR-70 armored personnel carriers, 2 BUK SAM system batteries and 6 OSA mobile SAM systems [citation needed].

  9. Coast Guard of Georgia - Wikipedia

    The Georgian Coast Guard is the maritime arm of the Georgian Border Police, within the Ministry for Internal Affairs.It is responsible for the maritime protection of the entire 310 km (190 mi) coastline of Georgia, as well as the Georgian territorial waters.