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  2. Portal:Bible/Featured chapter/Numbers 18 - Wikipedia

    God assigns the Levites the duties of the Tabernacle. God gives Aaron and the priests all the sacred donations.But God tells Aaron that the priests will have no territorial share among the Israelites, as God is their portion.

  3. Portal:Bible/Featured chapter/Numbers 14 - Wikipedia

    The community rails against Moses and Aaron. God threatens to strike them with pestilence, but Moses asks God to pardon them. God swears that none will see the Promised Land, except Caleb and Joshua.

  4. Portal:Bible/Featured chapter/Numbers 22 - Wikipedia

    numbers 22 Balak , king of Moab , invites the prophet Balaam to come and curse the Israelites for him. Against God ‘s warning, Balaam departs, but God places an angel in Balaam’s way.

  5. Portal:Bible/Featured chapter/Numbers 5 - Wikipedia

    Numbers 6 > NUMBERS 5 God told Moses to instruct the Israelites to remove from camp anyone with an eruption or a discharge and anyone defiled by a corpse, so that they will not defile the camp.

  6. Portal:Bible/Featured chapter/Numbers 24 - Wikipedia

    Balaam, seeing that it pleased God to bless Israel, immediately turns to the Israelites and blesses them. Enraged, Balak dismisses Balaam. Balaam replies once again that he cannot do contrary to God’s command.

  7. Portal:Bible/Featured chapter/Numbers 25 - Wikipedia

    While the Israelites stay at Shittim, the people go whoring with the Moabite women and worship their god Baal-peor, enraging God.. PEOPLE: Children of Israel - Moabites - יהוה ‎ YHVH - Moses - Midianite - Phinehas - Zimri - Cozbi

  8. Portal:Bible/Featured chapter/Numbers 30 - Wikipedia

    Moses tells the heads of the Israelite tribes God's commands about vows of men and of married and unmarried women.. PEOPLE: Moses – Children of Israel – יהוה ‎ YHVH PLACES: no location mentioned

  9. Portal:Bible/Featured chapter/Numbers 29 - Wikipedia

    God continues to detail the offerings for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, and Shmini Atzeret.. PEOPLE: יהוה ‎ YHVH - Moses - Children of Israel PLACES: no location mentioned

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    related to: gateway slb full access login portal home page phone number