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  2. Empire Builder - Wikipedia

    The Empire Builder is an Amtrak long-distance passenger train that operates daily between Chicago and either Seattle or Portland via two sections west of Spokane.Introduced in 1929, it was the flagship passenger train of the Great Northern Railway and its successor, the Burlington Northern Railroad, and was retained by Amtrak when it took over intercity rail service in 1971.

  3. Future of the Indian Navy - Wikipedia

    According to Chief of Naval Staff's statement in December 2020, India has transformed from a buyer's navy to a builder's navy. All 41 ships under construction are being produced in Indian shipyards, both publicly and privately owned. However some projects have suffered from long delays and cost overruns.

  4. Cyw - Wikipedia

    The future. In a press release, S4C announced that the plan would be eventually for Cyw to launch as a standalone channel. This was believed likely to occur during the switchover to DVB and DTT in the UK, which took place between 2007 and 2012. However, the launch never took place, and Cyw still remains as a block on S4C to this day.

  5. List of online databases - Wikipedia

    This is a list of online databases accessible via the Internet.

  6. Belgian Navy - Wikipedia

    Future projects. In 2012–2015 the two Belgian Armed Forces frigates were upgraded, followed by the two frigates of the Dutch Navy. In 2013 the first NH-90 Helicopter was delivered and introduced into service replacing the Westland Sea King and Alouette III from 2014 onwards.

  7. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King - Wikipedia

    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King is a video game developed for the WiiWare service of the Wii console by Square Enix.Square Enix decided to make a game for the WiiWare service that would be high profile, and it was decided that the game would be a simulation game and, later in development, a Final Fantasy title.

  8. Qatari Emiri Navy - Wikipedia

    The Qatari Emiri Navy (Arabic: البحرية الأميري القطرية romanized: Al-Bahriyah Al-Amiriyah Al-Qatariyah) (QEN), also called the Qatari Emiri Naval Forces (QENF), is the naval branch of the armed forces of the State of Qatar and is the strongest naval force of the region in terms of size of naval fleet.

  9. Naval Group - Wikipedia

    Naval Group is a major French industrial group specialized in naval defense design, development and construction.Its headquarters are located in Paris.. Heir to the French naval dockyards initiated in 1631 by Cardinal Richelieu and to the Direction des Constructions et Armes Navales (DCAN), which became Direction des Constructions Navales (DCN) in 1991 and then DCNS in 2007, the company was ...