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  2. Is your phone storage full again? Here are 5 easy ways to ...

    McAfee Multi Access is a smart and powerful software package that, when installed in your iPhone or Android device, alerts you to dangerous downloads and risky websites. In fact, one subscription...

  3. NetApp FAS - Wikipedia

    NetApp Storage Encryption (NSE) is using specialized purpose build disks with low level Hardware-based full disk encryption (FDE/SED) feature and also supports FIPS-certified self-encrypted drives, compatible nearly with all NetApp ONTAP features and protocols but does not offer MetroCluster.

  4. Direct-access storage device - Wikipedia

    A direct-access storage device ( DASD) (pronounced / ˈdæzdiː /) is a secondary storage device in which "each physical record has a discrete location and a unique address". The term was coined by IBM to describe devices that allowed random access to data, the main examples being drum memory and hard disk drives.

  5. Public Storage - Wikipedia

    Public Storage - Wikipedia Public Storage Public Storage is an American international self storage company headquartered in Glendale, California, that is run as a real estate investment trust (REIT). It is the largest brand of self-storage services in the US. [4] In 2008, it was the largest of four publicly traded storage REITs. [5]

  6. USB mass storage device class - Wikipedia

    An action camera being accessed via mass storage device class Devices connected to computers via this standard include: External magnetic hard drives External optical drives, including CD and DVD reader and writer drives USB flash drives Solid-state drives Adapters between standard flash memory cards and USB connections Digital cameras

  7. Flash memory - Wikipedia

    Flash memory is an electronic non-volatile computer memory storage medium that can be electrically erased and reprogrammed. The two main types of flash memory, NOR flash and NAND flash, are named for the NOR and NAND logic gates. Both use the same cell design, consisting of floating gate MOSFETs.

  8. List of file systems - Wikipedia

    Btrfs – is a copy-on-write file system for Linux announced by Oracle in 2007 and published under the GNU General Public License (GPL). CFS – The Cluster File System from Veritas, a Symantec company. It is the parallel access version of VxFS.

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    related to: full access storage