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  2. What to delete if your smartphone storage is full

    Few things are more frustrating than the persistent notice that pops up on your smartphone and warns you your storage is almost full. ... Supreme Court allows Jan. 6 panel access to Trump docs.

  3. RAID - Wikipedia

    RAID (/ r eɪ d /; "redundant array of inexpensive disks" or "redundant array of independent disks") is a data storage virtualization technology that combines multiple physical disk drive components into one or more logical units for the purposes of data redundancy, performance improvement, or both.

  4. Hard disk drive - Wikipedia

    ^ "Disk Storage" (PDF), IBM Reference Manual 7070 Data Processing System (2nd ed.), January 1960, A22-7003-1, Each disk-storage unit has three mechanically independent access arms, all of which can be seeking at the same time.

  5. Amazon Drive - Wikipedia

    Full resolution photo formats and RAW files can be uploaded, but most Raw formats won't be viewable within the service's web interface or apps. Free 5GB. Brazil and China have Amazon Drive service but is limited to 5GB storage only. This storage counts the space taken by photos, videos, and files of other types. For customers in these countries ...

  6. Features new to Windows 8 - Wikipedia

    PowerShell provides full access to COM and WMI, enabling administrators to perform administrative tasks on both local and remote Windows systems. Windows 8 includes Windows PowerShell v3.0. [135] Windows 8.1 comes with Windows PowerShell v4.0 which features a host of new commands for managing the Start screen, Windows Defender, Windows ...

  7. Energy storage - Wikipedia

    Energy storage is the capture of energy produced at one time for use at a later time to reduce imbalances between energy demand and energy production. A device that stores energy is generally called an accumulator or battery. Energy comes in multiple forms including radiation, chemical, gravitational potential, electrical potential, electricity ...

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    related to: full access storage